This Pen Can Mimic Any Color It Touches

by Dasha Fayvinova

In the year 2016 we have finally gotten a futuristic pen we've all been dreaming off. A pen that can mimics any color around you and be used to create paintings of magnificent beauty is here! Not since the 3D Printing Pen have I been as excited about a product like this. It's as simple as turning the pen on and aiming the pen's sensor at an object you admire for its color — that's it. The pen does the rest of the work for you, leaving your hands free to create. If this sounds familiar, it might be because we've seen this in Photoshop. The eye-dropper tool works the same way, except it cannot produce the color in real life like this pen can.

Personally I would get this pen for a very trivial reason. I seem to never agree with people on what color their clothes are. Anytime I tell them something is green, or red, or even black I get objections from all of my friends. If I had a pen like this, I could potentially disprove them once and for all, claiming my rightful place as the color guessing queen of the West Coast. I might also be colorblind (#justaheadsup).

Below are some of the features for this insanely cool gadget:

1. How It Works

Like I mentioned previously, it's very simple. The built-in color sensor lets you capture any color. There is a special RGB Color Sensor that works by simply pointing at an object you see and clicking a button. The rest is fairly simple. The colored inks mix inside of the machine to match whenever you pointed at perfectly. It's like magic, but mostly it's science.

2. Battery Life/Colors For Days

The battery lasts for a very long time — up to 15 hours. Also, you never have to worry about running out of ink because replacing the ink cartilages is as simple as it is with your printer at home. You just slide them in, and that's it!

3. Bonus

By purchasing a special Scribble Smart Stylus you can now control this pen in your online world as well. If you are an illustrator or just a fan or art you can use this pen to draw inspiration from anything. Although, the price of $119 is a bit hefty for an amateur, it is worth investment for someone who works in art as a profession.

Images: Kickstarter