Kara Took A Chilly Trip On 'Supergirl'

For hardcore fans of Superman, Supergirl can be a fun exploration of the mythology that isn't always front and center. However, whenever something big from DC comics comes into play, that makes it extra special. How cool was it to see Kara visit the Fortress of Solitude on Supergirl this week? Superman's familiar icy hangout came to Kara's rescue thanks to one James Olsen.

The episode, which featured a scandal similar to the 2015 Ashley Madison hack, had Kara flying semi-solo as she tried to battle an alien hacker without the assistance of the DEO. The villain's name was Brainiac 8, also known as Indigo, who looked a little bit like the Marvel comics mutant Mystique and bore the familiar "Brainiac" symbol from the Superman universe on her forehead. James suggested that Kara use the Fortress to gather information on her. She was able to get in, and they did just that.

While we still haven't seen a grown-up Clark Kent in full on Supergirl, it's touches like this that remind us that the two can exist in the same world as each other without necessarily sharing scenes or stealing one another's spotlight. It's nice to know that Kara can use this resource as well, and the Fortress of Solitude must be a welcome reminder of her home on Krypton. Plus, there were some fun Easter eggs in the Fortress of Solitude. What was that ring that I spied with my little eye? It looks like a legion flight ring, which is exactly what it sounds like in DC Comics. That ring makes you fly!

The addition of this cool (HAHAHA get it) new location on Supergirl can only mean good things. Kara is growing as a hero on Supergirl, and every superhero needs a cool hangout —even if Clark/Kal-El wasn't at home and it's kind of a timeshare.

Image: Michael Yarish/CBS