Lucy & James Broke Up On 'Supergirl,' So The Photographer May Have To Confront His Feelings For Kara

This is your moment, Kara and James 'shippers. Not only did Siobahn Smythe and Winn Schott find an unexpected and romantic bond, but Lucy and James broke up on Supergirl. It's been a long time coming, and now Mr. Olsen will finally have to face the fact that he has feelings for Kara.

Honestly, this sucks for Lucy Lane. She picked up her whole life to try to work things out with James Olsen, and it all came crashing down again. First time Superman got in their way, and this time Supergirl. The House of El might have it out for the House of Lane. In the episode, James stood up Lucy while on a mission with Supergirl. Visibly upset, she caught the attention of Kara, who tried to do her friend a favor by talking him up. Unfortunately, she revealed personal information about James that Lucy didn't know. I have a feeling I know who is going to be uncovering Supergirl's secret identity next. It's too much of a coincidence that your boyfriend is spending quality time with two blonde girls that happen to be identical. She broke it off with him at the end of the episode and hopefully gave James the push he needs by assuring him that Kara loves him back.

At the very least, this should help force James and Kara to have a conversation. They've been dancing around one another from the start. We know Kara does not do well with declarations of love and getting close to others in general. (Save perhaps her sister Alex, who Kara forgave for killing Astra in one of the most emotional scenes in the season.) Still, these two clearly like one another. James could work on his relationship skills before starting something with Kara, though. Hopefully, Lucy Lane will move on to bigger and brighter horizons on Supergirl as well.

Image: Trae Patton/CBS