Ben's 'Bachelor' Proposal Decision Will Be Hard

The final two have been named and Ben Higgins has a tough decision ahead of him. After weeks of narrowing down the contestants all vying for his heart, Ben will propose to either JoJo or Lauren. Well, if things go to plan, he'll propose to one of those two women. Trailers and promos for the season lead us to believe that Ben feels like he's made a wrong turn somewhere down the road of love, causing him to say he loves someone that he's not proposing to. So, who does Ben propose to on The Bachelor ?

The two women remaining are great options for Ben. Not only do they love him, but as we learned on Monday, he loves them both, too. So much so that he made a point to tell them both that he loves them. Yeah, that's probably going to cause some problems down the road. Either way, the promo for the final episode of the season is, once again, as confusing as ever. Not only are there very few hints as to who Ben will propose to, but we're left with the huge cliffhanger that he feels like he let someone go that he still wants in his life. WHAT?

For weeks, we've been given the promo that Ben sends home the wrong girl, and it's safe to assume that we can narrow the wrong girl down to either JoJo or Lauren. What we don't know is if he sends home the wrong girl so much that he doesn't propose to the woman he was planning on proposing to, or if he decides to possibly not propose to anyone, and continue his relationships privately.

If Ben proposes to Lauren, it will come at no surprise. He's been smitten with Lauren since Day One, often giving off the impression that he loves her more than she loves him. Ben has known for a while that he was in love with Lauren, and was finally able to vocalize that to her during the final three dates.

What I think is throwing Ben off is the fact that he's also fallen in love with JoJo. His relationship with JoJo has become incredibly strong, and his validating words of love to her in Jamaica only strengthened their bond. While I think he knew he was in love with Lauren, his feelings for JoJo seem to have surprised him, which could hint at how the finale goes down. Ben could pick Lauren because he feels inclined to pick her. He might feel like he's supposed to pick the woman that he's had feelings for since the beginning. But, it's possible his feelings for JoJo, though developing later, might be stronger. So, if he sends JoJo home and regrets it, we might be able to piece together an answer for the very perplexing finale promo. Or, we can just wait and see.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC