The Funniest Donald Drumpf Jokes

On Sunday night's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the host announced — and he can't believe it either — that their main story would cover Donald Trump. After debunking many of Trump's lies, such as his statement that Oliver had invited the GOP frontrunner to the show multiple times, or his continued claim that he is self-funding his campaign, Oliver traces the Trump family name to the last name, Drumpf, which led to a series of amazing Donald Drumpf jokes.

After largely ignoring Trump coverage on the show, Oliver opened the episode by clearly stating, "Look, we have mostly ignored Trump on this show, but he has now won three states, has been endorsed by Chris Christie, and polls show him leading most Super Tuesday states ... So at this point Donald Trump is America's back mole. It may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that it's gotten frighteningly bigger, it is no longer wise to ignore it." But why did he bring up Trump's ancestral name? Well, according to the comedian, "To quote Donald Trump, he should be proud of his heritage."

Oliver ended the segment in the best way possible by asking America to Make Donald Drumpf Again — a play on the GOP candidate's slogan "Make America Great Again." And of course, the Internet didn't fail to respond with some great Donald Drumpf jokes and commentary.

This hilarious depiction of a Donald Drumpf rally:

Because his spray tan totally matches the shade of this orange crayon.

The fact that Wikipedia knows what's up:

If Wikipedia has a Donald Drumpf page that will take you to Donald Trump's page, you know it's real.

AJ+ reporter Francesca Fiorentini tweeted:

This person gave Drumpf's classic gold Sharpie a try:

People are already correcting Trump's own hashtags:

Did you mean: #VoteDrumpf

And the name on his buildings:

The seed of doubt has been planted:

How would Trump react to this one:

This jab at Drumpf's many threatened lawsuits:

Oliver jabbed at Trump's go-to threat in Sunday's episode stating, "He loves to threaten to sue people, like he did with Rosie O'Donnell ... Of course he needs to take Rosie O'Donnell to court to take money out of her pockets because his tiny, tiny fingers are too short to reach into her wallet."

And of course, we can't forget this never-before-seen photo of Drumpf's actual hands:

In the episode, Oliver discussed how Trump is really self-conscious about his hands? No, really. He said, "Back in 1988, Spy Magazine called him a 'short-fingered vulgarian' and ever since, [the editor] says he gets envelopes from Trump, always with a photo in which he circles his hand to highlight the length of his fingers — usually with a note reading 'See, not so short!'"

But the best part of Oliver's commentary is that he brought hope to the world:

The Internet wins again. Let's all do our best to keep making Donald Drumpf again. I don't think I could ever call him by any other name again.

Check out the full video here.