Chelsea Handler Gives The Best Career Advice

It's no surprise that Chelsea Handler's career advice is super feminist and awesome. As a comedian, talk show host, and show maker, Handler consistently redefines what it means to be a woman in the entertainment industry, and isn't afraid to break down any barriers she encounters. In one of the episodes of Chelsea Does, her new Netflix series, Handler interviewed the former CEO of Ashley Madison before the leak happened. Handler's fearless interrogation style left the website looking extremely shady, and her unapologetic approach to being in the public eye is what makes her such an important feminist role model. Chelsea Handler works hard, which means she is absolutely someone whose career advice I trust. In an essay published on LinkedIn, Handler talks about developing the right attitude to work, believing in yourself, and always showing up.

She discusses her early forays into stand-up, and says, "I hated doing stand-up in the beginning. I couldn’t wait for a set to be canceled because no one showed, but, after getting cold feet many times, I made an agreement with myself that I would show up, get up, and do my set, no matter what the circumstance."

We've all been in situations we didn't want to be in, for work or otherwise, and hearing that Handler struggled with the same insecurities and nerves as the rest of us is a total inspiration. Showing up is Handler's biggest trick to becoming a success, alongside maintaining reliability even when you don't feel like it.

Chelsea Handler takes "showing up" seriously. She says, "I now practice 'showing up' with everything I do. It has permeated every facet of my life. Whether it’s wanting to cancel a workout, a friend’s party, a public appearance, my family in New Jersey. Whatever it is, when I commit, I show up." This is the best advice, especially as, in the digital age, flaking is easier than ever. All it takes to cancel a date, a meet-up, or a shift, is a text message or email. That's why Handler's attitude is so important. Being someone who turns up, and is as reliable as possible, makes you way more employable.

But Handler's advice isn't about doing things you don't want to do, necessarily. Using her own career as an example, Handler says, "I spent the first 10 years of my career saying yes to absolutely everything and then harboring resentment for having said yes in the first place." Especially early in your career, it's easy to think that every opportunity that comes along is a good one. As you get older you realise that your energy is finite and it's better to focus on things that matter. Regarding this crucial shift in focus, Handler says, "I started to focus on showing up for the people in my life who deserve my loyalty."

Handler's advice continues to wow when she says, "Show up for your friends, family and mentors who deserve your loyalty... Don’t overextend to the people you don’t love, but absolutely overextend to the people you do love and are really grateful for." The Chelsea Does star's advice makes sense, but doesn't sound easy to accomplish. She's never not encouraging though, and says, "Once you master the art of physically showing up, the art of mentally showing up usually takes care of itself." This is definitely something I want to start working on immediately, as I'm awful for bailing out of workouts at the last minute.

Chelsea Handler's career advice works as life advice too. Show up for the people and things that matter most, including yourself.

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