13 Times Kylie Jenner Slayed Teal Hair

When you’re busy creating killer lippies and constantly switching up your look, I imagine it can be hard to decide what style you should go for next. Right now, this star is faced with a huge decision: should she throw it back to one of her most favorite looks? If so, which one? This is the problem she was up against when Kylie Jenner conducted a Twitter poll. Should she go with mint green hair or teal hair, you guys? While she may be giving her fandom a chance to weigh in, she’s going to have the final say, and she seems to be leaning towards teal.

I can’t blame her at all for wanting to go with that shade, either. Both of the options she gave on Twitter are great for spring, but the blue-green color just seems like it’d be so fun for the season. She did go with mint green locks last time, and knowing her, she wouldn’t want to do the same thing twice in a row. Besides, with a new darker Lip Kit promised, she could very well be rocking the hue on her hair and lips if my predictions are right, and that would be the ultimate way to make a statement.

Let’s travel back in time to when Jenner’s hair was this amazing color and hope that we get the chance to see it again soon.

Decisions, decisions. She's having all sorts of Jenner-style problems right now.

1. Teal Lips & Hair

I could totally see this look happening again, you know, now that she's a lip product genius and all.

2. Throwback

It wasn't too long ago that she rocked this shade, but a comeback is still long overdue.

3. Fringe Feels

This wig was just a temporary thing, but I still loved the look on her.

4. Teal Hair, Don't Care

She's got all of the teal hair, don't care kind of vibes.

5. Mermaid Hair

Doesn't the color teal just remind you of mermaids? Bring back the mermaid feels, please, Kyls.

6. Half Up, Half Down

This half up, half down hairstyle never looked better.

7. Blue Tips

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She even made the dyed 'do work on the red carpet.

8. Teal Waves

It looks especially good wavy.

9. Long & Straight

But then again, straight works, too.

10. Teal & Denim

This teal hair and denim outfit might be the best combo yet, though.

11. Peek-A-Boo

Such a fun hue for a 'do, isn't it?

12. Carefree

No matter how you style your hair (or don't style your hair), it's always going to look good in this color.

13. Impromptu Photo Shoot

Teal hair is always selfie-ready.

So, mint green or teal? Kylie, I think you have your answer.

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