Selena Gomez Had An Oscars Wardrobe Malfunction

The Oscars were filled with magical fashion moments, and well some mishaps too. After taking one heck of a stunning photo, Selena Gomez ripped her Oscars gown. There's no telling how bad the rip actually was, but one thing is for sure — she knows exactly what caused it.

Mark Seliger took gorgeous photos at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, but after Gomez was done posing for them, she had a bit of a fashion "oops." The singer posed on her side, leaning on an end table for an artistic shot. Soon after, her Louis Vouitton dress, which was made of all sequins, ripped. Gomez, being the total class act and role model that the is, wasn't blaming the designer, the photographer, or the pose for the rip. Actually, she's blaming something a bit more simple — a hamburger.

If it weren't for her Instagram, the world might never know about this "uh-oh" moment, but Gomez isn't afraid to be real with her fans. She posted a photo of the Seliger shot on her account, thanking the designer and the photographer, and letting the truth slip. "I legit ripped my dress right after this shot," Gomez says. "I blame in n out."

I'm willing to bet that the rip was because of the sequined fabric, regardless of what the singer ate that night.

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Consider these products your own personal fashion saviors.

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