Hailee Steinfeld In 'Term Life' Will Have Fans Of The Star Glad They Waited

If you're a fan of Hailee Steinfeld, there's a good chance that you're already familiar with her work in movies like True Grit and Ender's Game, her appearance in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video, and her EP Haiz. But you might not be as familiar with her upcoming movie Term Life, and that's totally not your fault, because for a while it wasn't even certain if this movie was going to happen. Hailee Steinfeld was cast in Term Life in fall 2013, but shortly thereafter it was announced that Universal Pictures was dropping the film. It appeared that Term Life was done and over with, but then the project was salvaged, and it began shooting in March 2014. Two years later, Universal’s independent film arm Focus World is releasing the film in Theaters, on VOD and Digital Download on Apr 29.

It's about time! For the Hailee Steinfeld fans who have been patiently waiting for Term Life's release (or who just can’t get enough of the star), here are a few things that will make you feel confident that the new movie, a crime-centric black comedy about a thief (played by Vince Vaughn) and his daughter (Steinfeld), was worth the wait.

Vince Vaughn Is A Hilarious Counterpart To Steinfeld

The comedy star plays a clever criminal who plans heists for other people to execute, and Steinfeld plays his estranged teenaged daughter Carrie. It's a great match in terms of casting, and sets the stage for some hilarious conflict when Carrie unwillingly becomes entangled in her father's criminal lifestyle.

Steinfeld's Character Is So, So Sassy

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Carrie wants nothing to do with her dad, or really anyone, for that matter. The teenage angst is tangible, and the trailer alone has multiple moments that show off Steinfeld's skill at playing a moody adolescent with a dirty mouth.

It's Different From A Lot Of Things You've Seen Her In

Steinfeld's role in Term Life is, to say the least, pretty different from her roles in previous movies like Pitch Perfect 2 or Romeo and Juliet, above.

But If You Liked 3 Days To Kill, You'll Probably Like This

Superfans will notice that this isn't the first time Steinfeld has played the estranged daughter of an "armed and dangerous" male character; 2014's 3 Days to Kill featured her as the child of a CIA agent played by Kevin Costner.

Although it's been a long, arduous ride, Steinfeld fans can have confidence that Term Life will finally be released this spring. Kudos for your patience, and here's to hoping that the movie prove to be 100% worth the wait.

Images: Focus World (2), Relativity Media (2)