5 Surprising Facts About Hailee Steinfeld

by Anna Klassen

The last time we saw Hailee Steinfeld on the big screen she was singing along side Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and the rest of the Barden Bellas as the acappella group's latest recruit in Pitch Perfect 2. The film did well, and luckily the 19-year-old star is already signed on for another singing sequel. But I'm guessing you knew all about the franchise's youngest star long before she crooned on stage with the Bellas.

You've seen her kicking intergalactic butt in Ender's Game, mourning sweet Romeo in Romeo & Juliet, and becoming triplets for Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video. And of course, you know her from her "Love Myself" single that seems to be playing on every Top 40 radio station. But did you know that Hailee Steinfeld, the girl who got her acting start by starring opposite Jeff Bridges in the R-rated western True Grit, was a cheerleader for seven years? I sure didn't.

The singer and actor has more than a few surprising tidbits hiding up her sleeve, and she opened up to Bustle about five things her fans probably don't know about her in an exclusive video. Take a look at these five surprising facts below: