Did 'The Family' Just Reveal Adam's Kidnapper?

We may only be one episode in, but already ABC's new drama series The Family is already making me question everything I thought I might know about this show. For starters, Adam himself is definitely acting a little shady. (Like what was with him studying those old home movies of his childhood as if they were a cheat sheet to a test?) But his behavior isn't the only cause for concern. The Family may have also just revealed Adam's kidnapper to be the pockmarked man we saw at the end of the episode. Now, there's apart of me that's skeptical to take this little reveal at face value, considering this is all just mere speculation at this point. But if that's the case, then who is this pockmarked man and why does he seem so creepily interested in Adam's story?

The easy answer is just assume that he's Adam's abductor. I mean, he definitely fits the criteria as far as shadiness goes, not to mention that his appearance also matches Adam's description of his kidnapper. When Det. Nina Meyer questioned him shortly after his return, Adam said that the guy who kept him locked away had skin like gravel and many holes in his face, which fits our mystery man's pockmark features. Normally, I would say that evidence is enough to make this case closed, however, considering the aforementioned odd behavior on Adam's part, I'm not sure we can fully trust what he says.

I'm hesitant to accuse him of anything since we don't know the whole story and clearly he's been through a really terrible ordeal, but there's no denying that we don't have all the facts about what happened to him — or even who he really is. As that reporter later discovered, the doctor who had supposedly verified Adam's DNA doesn't actually exist. How did this happen and why would someone go through so much trouble of faking a DNA test? Something much bigger than we know is going on here and I have a sneaking suspicion that Adam and this mystery man are at the center of it all... we just don't know in what capacity yet. But I'll tell you what, if The Family was trying to get my attention, then mission accomplished. Consider me officially intrigued.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC