What Did Willa Confess On 'The Family'? Adam's Kidnapping Could've Pushed Her To Drastic Measures

If you were hoping for a Thursday night full of drama, intrigue, and a dash of mystery, then I suspect that The Family premiere did not disappoint. Not only did the series follow the disappearance and decade-later recovery of Adam Warren, but it also planted seeds of suspicion around several of the characters, making the audience unsure who exactly they can trust — including the family members themselves. Take Willa's visit to church, for instance. While it's not uncommon for people to turn to religion during times of emotional stress, it is uncommon to make cryptic confessions that seem to have something to do with your brother's abduction case. So what did Willa confess in church on The Family and how it is connected to Adam? I have sneaking suspicion she played a large part in Hank's arrest.

Back when Adam first disappeared, the cops highly suspected that their neighbor, Hank, who had a history of indecent exposure, was Adam's kidnapper and killer. However, there wasn't enough evidence to put him away. Shortly after learning that, we see a young Willa enter Hank's house while he's off walking his dog and come across what looks to be the ship in a bottle Adam was working on right before he was taken. We thought we saw her put it back, but what if she ended up taking it — either then or later on — as a way to plant evidence for the police to find, so that Hank would go to jail?

It would make sense, given that she was so young and wanted her little brother's thought-to-be killer to pay for what he did. And when Det. Nina Meyer was digging through all the old evidence after Adam reappeared, she realized that only Hank's DNA was found on the ship bottle, not Adam's. That's kind of odd, considering it was Adam's toy and should've had his fingerprints all over it. Meyer said it was almost as though the bottle had been wiped clean of everything else other than what belonged to Hank. Something tells me that Willa may have had something to do with that. And given how these sort of things usually work on TV shows, it's only a matter of time before the truth get brought to the surface.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC