Here's The Status Of Season 3's 'MAFS' Couples

by Alaina Urquhart-White

Married At First Sight is the pearl in the oyster that is reality television. I believe it's seriously the best thing to ever happen to my TV set. Who wouldn't want to watch complete strangers marry each other? That's right, the entire premise rests on six strangers being matched for marriage based on scientific algorithms. At the end of living as a married couple for six weeks, each couple chooses to either stay married or get divorced. Season 3 has just wrapped up and the two part finale ended exactly the way viewers expected. Two of the couples ended up choosing divorce and one couple came out alive. So which Season 3 Married At First Sight couples are still together now?

In the end the finale clued viewers in that Neil and Sam called it quits, David and Ashley ended things, and Vanessa and Tres decided to stay together. One out of three couples isn't great, but, to be honest, I am surprised that the show even got that many. After all, they are putting complete strangers together at the altar. These people literally introduce themselves to each other while standing in front of their friends and family wearing their wedding best. It can't be easy to suddenly formulate an intimate relationship with a complete stranger, even when experts have matched you based on copious amounts of research and logic.

So, who out of these three couples is still together now that the season is over?

Tres & Vanessa

These two were the couple that everyone expected to stay together. No one was surprised when they decided to stay married. They immediately clicked and, although they encountered some minor speed bumps, they worked through things and made fans really root for them. Looking at Tres' Instagram confirms that these two are still making it work. He posted a photo of the two of them one day ago at a football game.

David & Ashley

Raise your hand if you saw their divorce coming? Unfortunately, David chose to stay together and Ashley asked for a divorce, so they were clearly on different pages. These two had a slew of troubles right from the get go when Ashley obsessed over her lack of physical attraction with David. He was all in but then things really erupted when she discovered that he had asked another woman on a date via Facebook. And, judging by the below tweet that Ashley retweeted, they are definitely not together.

Neil & Sam

This couple was the wild card. Sam was not thrilled with the match in the beginning and was actually really mean to Neil. Neil gave a valiant effort, but Sam didn't start to turn her attitude towards their marriage around until the very end of the six weeks. She found herself wanting to make it work, but Neil was too hurt by how he had been treated. He chose divorce. These two are not together but according to an interview with the New York Post, they are good friends and still support each other.

The good news is when the show gets it right, they get it really right. Tres and Vanessa seem to have a great thing going on and if even one happy, lifelong marriage comes out of this whole thing, then it's all been worth it. Here's to living happily ever after.

Images: FYI