Christieface Is The New Bernie Side-Eye

Chris Christie appeared unusually subdued when he appeared behind Donald Trump during the latter's Super Tuesday victory rally in Miami. Who knows what was going through the New Jersey governor's head as he stood somewhat steadfast beside the blowhard from the Big Apple. However, these hilarious Christie memes from Super Tuesday proved he did have an unusually long day.

Speculation as to why Christie is backing Trump, aka He Who Should Not Be Named, is running rampant. The New Jersey governor could be positioning himself for a spot on the ticket as Trump's running mate, or could have an eye towards the White House himself, should a hypothetical President Trump find himself hauled in front of the Senate for impeachment hearings. It's all pretty House of Cards if you think about it; but as everyone keeps saying, this isn't a normal election year. Crazier things have happened — like Trump getting this far in the first place.

No matter what Christie's motivation for siding with Trump, his endorsement is sure to ruffle more than just feathers within the GOP establishment. Christie's backing of Trump adds a slight sheen of respectability to the former Democrat's campaign, which amounts to bad news for the rest of the GOP field.

Christieface is clearly going to dominate for the rest of the evening, or until something funnier — or even more cringeworthy — takes place. Although at this point in the evening, it is unlikely that anything will top Christie's pained look on his face as he stood alongside his potential running mate.