The Best Chris Christie Vines From Trump's Speech

Some could argue that New Jersey governor Chris Christie is having a rough night — multiple newspapers in Christie's home state have called for Christie to resign, and he appeared awkward and uncomfortable as he stood behind Donald Trump to endorse his former rival during Trump's Super Tuesday speech at his campaign headquarters. But there's a plus side — Christie is now a Vine star! Vines of Christie's perplexed-seeming appearance have gone viral, making the governor a social media star.

Many of the top Christie Vines play on the governor's seeming confusion and alarmingly blank gaze while on stage:

While others imagine Christie issuing secret pleas to be removed from the incredibly awkward situation he has found himself in:

This fantastic one by Ronan Farrow re-imagines Christie as the doomed protagonist of a horror movie:

And some Christie Vines imagine that we are peeking in on the very moment when Christie is taking stock of his life, and wondering how things ended up this way:

Obviously, we'll never know exactly what's going through Christie's head — I'd like to believe it's something similar to the lyrics of The Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime" ("This is not my beautiful press conference/ this is not my beautiful five state win"), but that will just remain so much fan fiction...unless Christie decides to become a Vine superstar as a new full-time job. How about it, Chris? You seem to have a natural knack for it.