This Leap Day Marriage Proposal Sent A Man On The Cutest Treasure Hunt You've Ever Seen — PHOTOS

Move over Leslie Knope, this Leap Day marriage proposal is the scavenger hunt we mere mortals only dream about. If you're a woman patiently waiting around for her boyfriend to propose, this young lady will give you LIFE. On Leap Day women can traditionally propose to men, and the girlfriend in question took it upon herself to put the pedal to the metal and get the marriage train pulling out of the station. Not that we should need Leap Day to propose, but alas, despite this absurdity, proposing in relationships between men and women is still seen very much as the realm of the man. So credit to the woman who surprised her boyfriend with a proposal on Leap Day.

Setting up an elaborate scavenger hunt with adorable clues about where the couple liked to hang out or had shared special moments, the woman led her beau to a romantic location — where they first met — to propose. Her boyfriend (now fiancé), Reddit user Danth3real, posted photos of the hunt online with the caption, [sic] "I guess its some kind of irish tradition, so my girlfriend who is now my fiance used her irish heritage to take advantage of sadie hawkins day. Annnnd now were gunna get married. I hope you enjoy!" If only we could all be so lucky as to have a scavenger hunt proposal. Here's how it went down:

Meanwhile, here are some other super romantic Leap Day proposals:

1. This Woman Who Was Totally Before Her Time

Debbie Elder might have been following a long tradition of Leap Day marriage proposals, but in 2008, a woman proposing to a man was even more unheard of than it is now. Consider that this is still considered unconventional and Debbie is something of a pioneer. She had already rejected Michael's marriage proposal, and knew he wasn't going to ask again, so she took matters into her own hands. Debbie did it in front of friends too, and her now husband Michael seems pretty pleased about it.

2. This Adele Fan Who Adele Made Say Yes

Adele pulled a fan up on stage at her concert only to find out she'd just proposed to her boyfriend for Leap Day and been rejected. In true Adele fashion, she got him to say yes.

3. This Gorgeous Man Who Reacted Exactly How I'm Going To React If Anyone Ever Asks Me To Marry Them

A British woman asked her boyfriend to marry her by having their daughter to the asking. He broke down in tears, gave an emphatic yes, and hugged her brains out.

4. This Woman Who Proposed To Her Boyfriend After Seven Years Of Dating

I love this woman. Tired of waiting around for her boyfriend to propose, she just went and did it herself. Champion.

5. And Of Course, The Proposal From The Movie Leap Year

This one if kind of annoying and gross because the woman gets her proposal rejected just so the man can propose to her. It's all very heteronormative, but hey, that's Hollywood.

Image: Ezra Jeffery/Unsplash