Who Is Jen Richards? The 'I Am Cait' Star Lends Her Voice To Many Platforms

Earlier this month, the docu-series chronicling Caitlyn Jenner's life, I Am Cait, returned for Season 2. Though the title and premise of the show center on Caitlyn, many viewers have noticed that the series isn’t just about the reality star, but the group of women who surround her. The first season introduced viewers to Caitlyn's friends, who support her through her own journey, while educating her about the many issues facing the LGBTQ community. One such woman on I Am Cait is Jen Richards, who has never shied away from discussing serious matters on the E! series.

I was glad to see Jen return for Season 2, alongside the rest of Caitlyn's friends and newcomer Ella Giselle. While last season we saw Jen and the others travel with Caitlyn a few times to meet with various members of the LGBTQ community, Season 2 takes them on a coast-to-coast road trip to meet with different people across the country. The trip has already proven to be a great platform for Jen and the rest of the group to equally challenge and educate Cait about different issues. And if anyone has the credibility to back up those challenges, it's Jen. She is an extremely active voice in the trans community even when she's not in front of E!'s cameras. Here's what you should know about some of the I Am Cait star's projects outside of the show.

Her Story

Jen is the co-writer and producer of the web series Her Story , which focuses on the dating lives of trans women. She told People that the show is unique because it is written by, directed by, and stars trans people. You can watch the six-episode first season on the Her Story website.

We Happy Trans

Jen is the writer and creator of We Happy Trans, according to Brit + Co. The mission of We Happy Trans is to provide a platform for members of the trans community to share all aspects of their lives. The website states, “We Happy Trans was created so that trans people could share stories of positive experiences, so the wider world could see that like any other community, we too thrive, struggle, and overcome.”

Other Activism

Jen also frequently speaks out about gender issues in other ways. She has provided commentary as an expert on different subjects, including discussing the problems that trans people face when going through airport security on HuffPost Live.

Jiu Jitsu

As if everything else she does didn't already make her enough of a badass, Jen also practices Jiu Jitsu.

Her Dog

Jen's energetic dog is too cute not to include. Maybe we'll get to see the adorable pet on I Am Cait eventually.

Outspoken Honesty

While Cait is on a personal journey, she is also navigating trans issues from the safety of a celebrity bubble. Jen has always spoken openly with her friend, showing that you can challenge someone in a way that is respectful and constructive. Their conversations have made for some of the most enlightening moments on I Am Cait, so I'm glad that Jen has enough time to star in Season 2, even while juggling her many other important roles.