7 Makeup Hacks For Brightening Your Smile

Let's face it – whitening your teeth can be so frustrating. From stripes to pastes and everything in-between, it can seem like such a challenge to brighten your smile . However, did you know that you can actually whiten the appearance of your teeth just by using makeup? It's true! There are several ways that you can tweak your beauty routine in order to enhance your smile. No costly procedures or damaging bleaches necessary! All you need are just a few key makeup items in order to brighten the look of your teeth.

As someone who hates the feel of tacky whitening gels and damaging stripes, I love knowing that I can simply use my makeup to fake my way to a brighter smile. There's no waiting around for desired results or unnecessary drooling involved (thanks whitening trays!). All you need to do is select your beauty products more strategically. Basically, avoid products that are going to enhance the look of any yellow staining that might be on your teeth. Instead, you're going to want to opt for more cool-toned products to brighten the look of your pearly whites. Wondering how exactly to do this? Here a seven easy makeup hacks for brightening the look of your smile.

1. The Eyes Have It

NARS Eyeshadow Duo, $35,

An easy way to white the look of your teeth is to actually bring attention to your eyes. In an interview with Woman's Health, Timothy Stirneman, D.D.S stated that blue, purple, and green eye makeup create almost an optical illusion on the eyes, which detracts from any yellow staining on the teeth.

2. Conceal, Don't Feel

CoverFX Concealer, $20,

Did you know that redness around the mouth could actually make your teeth look more yellow? It's true! The orange and pink tones in the discoloration enhance any yellow staining. Conceal the redness around your mouth by adding a thin layer of concealer to the area.

3. Go Sunkissed

Too Faced Bronzer, $30,

It's no wonder that beach babes always seem to have such dazzling smiles. It's due to their sunny complexion. Steal the glowing secret by applying bronzer to contours of your face. According to, the darkness of the bronzer will contrast with the whiteness of your teeth making them look that much more sparkling.

4. Get Glowing

Benefit Cosmetics Highlighter, $26,

Highlighter can be your best friend when enhancing the look of your smile. Simply dot a small amount of highlighter to your cupid's bow. This brightness will draw attention to your lip color, and not your teeth. You can amp up this trick even further by placing the highlight in the middle of the lips. According to Woman's Health, the glow will make the lips look fuller and by contrast, make your teeth look whiter.

5. Embrace The Blues

Urban Decay Lipstick, $18,

For those of us with slightly stained teeth, we have to stay away from orange and yellow toned lipsticks. These immediately highlight the staining on your teeth! In order to keep your smile looking white, reported that choosing lip colors with blue undertones can actually enhance the look of your smile.

6. Not All That Glitters Is Gold

Sephora Lip Gloss, $12,

It's time to say goodbye to your lipgloss with gold glitter. Cosmopolitan suggested that might be the reason that your smile is looking a bit lackluster. Instead, opt for more cool toned lipglosses in order to brighten your smile.

7. Add A Barrier

Petroleum Jelly, $2,

Here's a trick that industry professionals swear by. If you're looking to prevent staining and give your teeth some extra shine, apply a light layer of petroleum jelly to your teeth. According to cosmetic dentist, Jessica Emery, in a report with Women's Health, the jelly helps to keep coffee and wine stains at bay, while enhancing the look of your smile.

See? You don't need teeth whiteners for a bright, dazzling smile.

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