The Unexpected Place You Need To Apply Sunscreen

You already know that applying sunscreen everyday is mandatory. You probably think you're doing everything right, putting it on your body and, most importantly, your face — but there's a spot you might be missing. You absolutely need to put sunscreen on the back of your hands. I know it sounds weird, but your 40-year-old self will be thanking you for it.

When you're putting on your sunscreen, the back of your hands is probably the last place you'd think to lather up. It's more the spot that you wipe all the excess, or worse, you rinse your hands when your all done to get the gunk off. But don't. Just as you would your face, you want to apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands every single day to help fight aging. Intrigued? Here's the deal. Your hands totally experience the same signs of aging as your face, getting all wrinkly, but in addition, exposure to the sun can also increase your odds of brown spots as well as skin cancer, so you're definitely going to want to make sure they're protected.

Still not convinced? According to a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, putting on sunscreen daily was found to help keep skin from aging. A group using sunscreen daily showed 24 percent less signs of skin aging than the group that did not. And that included on the backs of their hands.

If you want to start using sunscreen on the backs of your hands daily, consider adding these following products to your routine.

1. Neutrogena

Drytouch; $13.27;

Stick with this Neutrogena sunscreen for a lightweight application.

2. La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay Sunscreen; $29.99;

This sunscreen is paraben and fragrance-free, so it's even better.

3. Supergoop!

Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50, $28,

If you hate getting sunscreen all over your hands, then try a mist.

4. 3M

Face Stick; $4.99;

It's super easy to apply, so you have no excuse not to.

5. Banana Boat

Banana Boat Sport Performance; $7;

Try a sport sunscreen for long-lasting protection.

6. L'Oreal Paris

Advanced Suncare Lotion; $4.99;

Water resistant sunscreens are always better.

7. Coppertone

Ultraguard; $10.92;

The higher the SPF, the more protected you'll be.

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Images: Amazon; Sephora; Unsplash