Katie Rost & Her Boyfriend Make A Cute Couple

by Marenah Dobin

Anyone who has ever watched Real Housewives of Potomac knows that Katie Rost is dying to get engaged to her boyfriend Andrew Martin. And I don't blame her. The two have been together for a while, they are a cute couple, and most importantly, he loves and dotes on her children. I feel bad for Katie when people hate on her for wanting to take her relationship to the next level. She is not desperate or begging for a husband; she is just someone who knows what she wants and is keeping it real. I mean, come on, they really are good together! Photos of Katie and Andrew show what a great couple they are and that they really have what it takes to go the distance.

I'm not saying that they should be engaged or rush into anything if they aren't on the same page, because that is really none of my business and I am an outsider to their relationship, but I am definitely a fan of them being together and can see why Real Housewives of Potomac fans would root for Andrew to a put a ring on it. They are so clearly in love! Just look at them.

A Kiss On The Cheek

Andrew looks pretty happy to get this peck on the cheek from his lady. They are such an affectionate couple all the time and you can really feel the love. Some of the ladies were put off by their PDA during Ashley Darby's birthday party this season, but I think they were just envious of the love between them. Just turn the other way, if you're not comfortable!

A Family Day

Even though Andrew is not the father to Katie's kids, he really seems there for them and fits in well with their family dynamic.

A Silly Face

These two don't spend all of their time discussing serious matters like their future, Katie's charity, or the kids. Sometimes they just like to let loose and get silly by making some funny faces.

A Kiss On The Lips

These two are so into each other and it is so obvious. Not only do they fit well into each other's lives, but there is also some heat between them.

A Date Night

The couple was all smiles as they enjoyed their dinner date together.

A Formal Evening

Katie and Andrew definitely clean up nicely... not that they ever actually look bad, but you get what I'm saying. They really brought their A game in this photo.

A Bat Mitzvah

It's not easy to have fun at a teenager's birthday party. Still, Katie and Andrew had fun and even rocked some vintage Kanye stunner shades in the process.

A Coordinated Look

They managed to match their outfits perfectly without being too over-the-top about it. Andrew and Katie definitely look like a couple while managing to stay away from being cheesy.

A Golf Day

These two do more than attend fancy events. They also enjoy activities like spending a day on the golf course. They are also two of the few people in the world who can actually pull off wearing visors. Props to them.

A Selfie

The couple is always doing fun things together and loves to mark the special occasions with some selfies, because why not? They're in love and want to savor the memories.

A Farm Day

I have no idea what kind of farm they were heading to or what they did there, but they are the kind of couple that is always doing new things together

Katie and Andrew are a very affectionate couple who enjoy spending time together. Engagement or not, it definitely seems like they have what it takes to keep the romance alive.