The Best At-Home Waxing Kits For All Your Hair Removal Needs

Put away your wallets. It's time to starting doing your own waxing at home. While this idea may sound crazy at first, at-home waxing is actually pretty user-friendly. You just need to know the basics in order to achieve smooth, flawless skin. First, you need to exfoliate the areas that are going to be waxed. Any buildup of dead skin cells can lead to ingrown hairs, which are the absolute worst. So, scrub away before you apply the wax.

From there, you want to make sure that the unwanted hair is the proper length. According to, the hair should be between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inches long in order for the wax to do its job properly. Once you've determined if you're properly hairy enough, then apply the wax in the direction the hair grows. For instance, if you're waxing your calves, the start at the knee and apply the wax downwards toward the foot.

Next, apply the linen strip, wait a few seconds for the wax to set, and then pull the cloth in the opposite direction in which you applied the wax. I wish I could tell you that it's easy, painless, and a breeze, but it's not. It's going to hurt a little bit. Waxing usually does. However, if you follow those steps, then you will have officially completed your own waxing at home. You're essentially an adult now. Wondering what wax you should be using? Here are some of the best waxes for each area of your body.

1. Eyebrows

Parissa Brow Shaper Mini Wax Strips, $10, Amazon

While waxing your own eyebrows at home may sound crazy, it's completely achievable for anyone daring enough to try it out! In an interview with, esthetician Janet Chao recommended this wax kit by Parissa for creating the perfect arched shape to your brows. The strips are tiny, so their perfect for creating your desired look.

2. Bikini Area

Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit , $40, Amazon

Waxing your own private parts is no small feat. In order to achieve perfect results at home, you may want to splurge on your waxing kit. Annie Kreighbaum told that she prefers the Gigi waxing products when doing her own Brazilians. These top-of-the-line products are used at most salons, and are delicate enough for your own delicate areas.

3. Legs

Veet Wax Stripes, $8, Amazon

With a season filled with shorts and skirts coming up, you may want to consider waxing your legs. Veet provides a great at-home option that's perfect for removing unwanted leg hair. Real Simple even recommends this kit for all-over as well.

4. Face

Wax Stripes, $10, Amazon

As we get older, we start noticing hairs in the oddest of places. Wax away any unwanted facial hair with these awesome wax stripes by Parissa. In an interview with, esthetician Nicole Fierro mentioned that these stripes are the "best [she's] ever tried."

5. All Over

Nair Wax, $10, Amazon

Want to wax all of the above? Then turn to this roll-on wax applicator by Nair. Self Beauty Editor Alex Samuel swears by this for her all-over waxing needs. "My absolute favorite at-home waxer isn't a typical wax. The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll-On Wax is formulated with water-soluble sugar—it's easy to rinse off if you chicken out."

Later, unwanted hair! It's all about smooth, sexy skin this spring!

Images: Courtesy Brands; Bustle