Rick Perry Hates On Trump With A Harry Potter Joke

Insults aimed at the leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump have been numerous pretty much since the day the billionaire put his name in the hat for the White House position. It's only been recently, though — right in line with Trump's success in primary elections across the country — that the Donald insults from others on the campaign trail have gotten particularly ugly. Yes, Marco Rubio really did make a remark about "men with small hands." Not everyone looking for a Republican administration absent of Donald Trump is resorting to vulgarity, though. Rick Perry did some Donald Trump hating on Instagram during his vacation, and the quirky joke will bring you back to a more innocent time in campaign mudslinging.

The former Texas governor has been keeping his social media followers apprised of his travels, the most recent of which included a trip with his daughter Sydney to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. And while Perry willingly admitted over Instagram that his own daughter doubted whether or not the former governor could really "hang" at Hogwarts for a couple of days, it seems Perry has been finding plenty of sources for amusement on vacation.

If the joke is so simple that it's actually going over your head, let me summarize this goofy analogy for you. Rick Perry witnessed Gringott's dragon — that's right, the one that was used to guard the high-security vault of Bellatrix Lestrange until Harry Potter and friends escaped the goblin bank by busting out of the glass roof on top of it — and filmed it just so he could liken the beast to Donald Trump. Trump is the fire-breathing dragon in the lives of Americans at the moment, and the astute Perry spotted him out. Then he added #freedom, because why not?

Perry's been following the presidential campaign fairly closely, you could say. In case you forgot, the former governor of Texas was actually in the presidential campaign for a hot minute. Perry first ran in 2012, lasting until mid-January before dropping out and eventually endorsing Mitt Romney. For the 2016 cycle, Perry called it quits just after the first GOP debate and announced his endorsement of Ted Cruz in January. In the weeks since, Perry has been campaigning for his fellow Texan and attempting to push Trump from his top spot with corny digs.

But hanging out inside the pages of a children's book series has apparently taught Perry to keep it PG when going on the attack against an unsavory candidate.