Here's How 'Ghostbusters' Connects To The Original

Something strange will be coming to your neighborhood in summer 2016. Hint: it's full of khaki-clad scientists, ghostly CGI, and paranormal chaos on the streets of NYC. If that didn't give it away, it's the new Ghostbusters, which is scheduled for release in July 2016. Fans of the franchise are already super excited, especially with the release of the Ghostbusters trailer. The trailer features a totally new all-female cast in the main roles, but it also discreetly references "30 years ago" when the original film was released. So is the new Ghostbusters a reboot or a sequel?

Director Paul Feig has been very upfront from the start that 2016's Ghostbusters is a totally new movie. In 2014, he explained to Entertainment Weekly that "It’s not coming into the world that existed before...I love the first one so much I don’t want to do anything to ruin the memory of that. So it just felt like, let’s just restart it because then we can have new dynamics." However, there were some elements from the first film that Feig wanted to preserve. iO9 quoted the director as saying, “I’d be bummed if I didn’t see the Ecto-1 and all that stuff. So we wanted to make sure we give those nods—but make them our own, and give them their own original origin story. When you see the movie, there will be a lot of things you’re happy to see, but they’re coming at you at a slightly different way.”

But what could those things be? Here are a few guesses.

The Stay-Puft Man

Ghostbusters did the near-impossible in 1984 when it made a terrifying monster out of the mascot for a brand of marshmallows. It'd be awesome to see a recreation of this character in the new movie, ideally with his little hat and collar.

One-Liners From Bill Murray's Peter Venkman

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been confirmed that Bill Murray is in the new Ghostbusters , although his exact role hasn't yet been stated. Is it possible that Murray will be returning as his sarcastic ghost-fighting character Dr. Peter Venkman? If so, anticipate a lot of dry wit, and maybe a few not-so-dry encounters with paranormal figures.

Some Supernatural Seduction

In the original film, Sigourney Weaver's character tries to get down with Peter while she's possessed (or rather, the spirit who has taken over her body does). Could there be a revamp of this, maybe with Kate McKinnon and some possessed hunk?

Lots And Lots Of Ghost Goo

Both Feig's statements and the trailer confirm: there will be plenty of Ecto-1 in this movie.

Regardless of the specifics, there's definitely a lot to look forward to in the new Ghostbusters. It'll be cool to see what inspiration the 2016 film takes from its 1984 predecessor, and also to see how things are updated to feel fresh for modern-day audiences. Just stay on hold for a few more months, and the Ghostbusters will answer your call.

Image: Columbia Pictures