The "Taste Of Streep" Insta Is Delicious Nonsense

A three-time academy award winner with more nominations than any other actor, and 42 unforgettable roles under her belt, Meryl Streep has given us so much already. Now we have yet another thing to be grateful for — the Taste of Streep Instagram (@tasteofstreep). In this popular Instagram account, the acting chameleon transforms yet again, this time, into your funky food daydreams. Look on in awe, ye mere humans, as the indomitable Meryl transforms into luscious avocado toast, a tasty Twinkie, or you may “relish” her performance on top of a hotdog. Her versatility is unmatched, her talent is boundless, we’re not worthy!

This incredibly creative, and some might say bizarre, Instagram account satisfies the viewers’ hunger for more Meryl (till her next film Florence Foster Jenkins comes out at the end of August). "Taste of Streep" has nearly 40,000 followers and is quickly growing. If you want to know where to forward your adulations, we have Samantha Raye to thank for these whimsical photoshopped mashups. She tirelessly matches Meryl’s many colorful outfits worn over her long career in Hollywood perfectly to favorite dishes and the result is drool-worthy.

Raye spoke to BuzzFeed about her inspiration for starting the quirky venture, “While I wish I had some mind-blowing explanation for the reason behind @tasteofstreep… I don’t. It just sort of happened one afternoon messing around on Photoshop.”

Raye described her first Meryl mashup to Bustle, "I don’t even remember why, but I took this great pink photo of her in 'She-Devil' and put it on a strawberry frosted doughnut. It wasn’t until a few months later that I actually started the account, and I sort of woke up one morning and just decided to do it."

The happy accident Raye describes does have its own internal logic, “I guess my inspiration stems from the two things that I am the most passionate about in life, the art of acting and food." Yum!

The account first made waves a little over seven weeks ago, premiering with a scrumptious image of a young Meryl perched atop a pepperoni pizza, wearing overalls and shooting lightning bolts from her outstretched palms. “This account is everything” reads one of the hundreds of adoring comments on the currently 59 posts.

It is hard to know exactly why this account speaks to so many. The images are delightful, and would warm the heart of any Streep fan. As Insta-user nikkiq888 says, “never knew I needed this but now I can't imagine life without it” commenting on a picture of Meryl resplendent in pink taffeta and melting into a glazed donut.

There is just something about Meryl, Raye told Bustle: "In addition to her incredible performances, her fundamentals of what it takes to be an actor really resonate with me. From what I've seen in interviews, she has a killer sense of humor and a love of life. No apologies for who she is, and honestly, I think she seems unbelievably cool. Pair that with food, and you've got one stellar combo."

But like in her choice of roles, Meryl is not always sweet, she can also be spicy, like on a bottle of Sriracha — what range!

Raye brings up a quote from Streep's 2010 Critics Choice acceptance speech as a motto to live by, "I really love what I do, I love acting. And I love to work. And I love food, and I love sex.” And we love you, Queen Meryl.

One feels like a kid on Christmas discovering this account, and the Internet is already hungry for more!

Images: tasteofstreep/Instagram