Lea Michele Loves Beyoncé & Jay Z — A Lot

See? Sometimes stars are really like us. While appearing on The Late Late Show Wednesday and chatting with host James Corden, Lea Michele admitted to freaking out over Beyoncé and Jay Z, after they all attended the same Los Angeles Clippers game. Of course, Queen Bey and her hubby had front row seats, whereas Michele and her friends were seated a few rows back. Not that that matters, because the former Glee star had the perfect view of the beloved couple. So perfect in fact, that she could watch their every move.

Rather than watching the NBA game, Michele revealed she was actually at the "Jay Z and Beyoncé concert." She said, "I think there were basketball players there, but I was at the Jay Z and Beyoncé concert." The hugely successful Scream Queens star said that as a celebrity she tries to be respectful of others in the entertainment biz, especially if she's a huge fan, because she wants to be considerate. However, when it comes to Bey and Jay Z, something comes over her and Michele can't contain herself, which led to this:

I found myself being like, "They ordered a vodka soda. They're drinking it and they took another sip. And she put on her glasses and now she took off her glasses." My friends were like, "What is wrong with you?"

Suffice to say, her girls night out at the Clippers game was so much better than Michele could've hope for.

Funnily enough, the 29-year-old singer/actor reaction sounds similar to how Glee's Rachel Berry and Scream Queens' Hester Ulrich would react. Let's take a look just to compare.


That sounds about right.


Standing ovation, please.


Don't act like you wouldn't (or haven't) blown kisses their way.


Always photograph your best side, especially if you're taking a picture with Beyoncé and Jay Z — or snapping one in the vicinity of them.


The hair check is important.


Remember that time Rachel and her fellow glee club members sang Beyoncé's "Halo"? Yeah, that's totally how'd they all react to seeing Queen Bey.

Lea Michele

Live footage of Lea at the Clippers game.

Yeah, same reactions.

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