Is The New 'Ghostbusters' Theme Song On iTunes? Fans Have To Settle In For A Long Wait

Film soundtracks have, for decades, been the unsung heroes of films. Certain songs can sometimes become more memorable than the actual film itself, and Ghostbusters has remained one of the films that has theme music that has taken on a life of its own over the years. Whether you've seen the movie a hundred times, or not once, you probably know that the question, "who you gonna call" should always be answered with an excited shout of "Ghostbusters!" With the introduction of the first official film trailer, they have outdone themselves, and everyone is wondering where to get the new Ghostbusters theme song. Sadly, the answer to that question is not too exciting.

First, I should start by explaining why this song has been receiving so much attention since the trailer dropped. The new theme song starts as a soft piano ballad that slowly edges into something more exciting and uptempo as the trailer goes on. While the original Ghostbusters track was already uptempo and created a certain atmosphere for the film, the new track does the same thing, but in a more ominous and action packed way. It seems difficult to comprehend that the same exact song could be remixed to emote different feelings, but I suppose that is the power and beauty of music.

Considering how big the hype surrounding this film has been, it should come as no surprise that a lot of the details and information are being kept under-wraps, including the new soundtrack. Director Paul Feig originally played coy about whether he would or would not be using the original theme music. Luckily, he chose to incorporate an updated version of the song, and fans are going wild over it. Which comes as no surprise, because it's just that good. The only bad part is that it's not available anywhere for order yet.

Keep hope alive, however, because the film premieres in July, so there are only a few short months until all will be revealed. Hopefully, they will release the song to the world before then, so we can obsessively listen before the film comes out. This new song only makes me more excited for the film and what is sure to be the soundtrack of the year.

Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment