Every 'Full House' Reference In 'Fuller House's Ninth Episode "War Of The Roses"

If you grew up watching the Tanner family hug things out, then you're likely excited to watch the Tanner family 2.0. do the same. The Full House spinoff sitcom Fuller House is officially streaming on Netflix, and it is everything that your '90s obsessed heart could want. The premise of the series is a lot like the premise of the original, which debuted nearly 30 years ago: D.J. Tanner, now D.J. Fuller, gets assistance raising her family from sister Stephanie and BFF Kimmy after her husband dies. While the premise of the series is bittersweet, the actual shenanigans that go down within each episode are far funnier than anything else. Take the episode "War Of The Roses," the ninth in the first season of the recently-renewed-for-Season-2 Fuller House . The episode has plenty of Full House's much-missed sitcom antics — but it's not just the tone that is similar to the original series. There are tons of Full House throwbacks in the Fuller House episode, and loyal fans of both shows will love seeing the connections.

"War Of The Roses" is an episode that centers on a romantic mystery: who sent a thousand roses to the Fuller household? While Stephanie, D.J., and Kimmy all have their own theories on who could have sent them flowers, it turns out that it's Uncle Jesse who is the great romancer. While the mystery is the focus of the episode, it wouldn't be Fuller House without some awesome throwbacks to the original series. Here are just a few we saw in this episode:

1. D.J.'s Catchphrase

While Stephanie was famous for "How rude!" and Michelle had "You got it, dude!" D.J.'s catchphrase was "Oh Mylanta!" Unlike scrunchies, some things — like D.J.'s catchphrase — just don't go out of style.

2. Comet's Grandson Cosmo Causes Problems

Cosmo, the Fuller family dog (and a descendant of a long line of Comets) took the letter that came with the roses which indicated who the sender was. In Full House, the original Comet was always taking things that didn't belong to him... though typically it was things he could actually ingest.

3. Steve Is Still In Love With D.J.

D.J. and Steve never officially got back together at the end of Full House, but the human garbage disposal is still head over heels in love with the eldest Tanner sister.

4. There's A Flashback To Stephanie's Wedding

Stephanie's "husband" Harry is suspected of sending Steph the flowers, and he even shows up at the Fuller house. Unfortunately for Steph, it's not to announce his affections, though — it's to invite her to his real wedding. To another girl.

5. Uncle Jesse Stops By

He's the one who sent his beloved Aunt Becky the roses — unfortunately, the lack of a card means no one could send a thumbs up emoji thank you text. That said, the real gift was his iconic phrase making an appearance.

Fuller House may be set 30 years after the original show premiered — but, though it's new, it certainly hasn't forgotten its roots.

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