Why Chanel's New Gel Polish Is A Spring Must-Have

Have you ever wished that you could give yourself a salon-worthy at-home gel mani without the hassle? Besides the gorgeous color palette, that's why Chanel's new gel polish is worth it. Their new collection features a 3-piece set that will allow you to give yourself a gel manicure without using a UV light. Consider it a spring must-have.

When I heard about Chanel's new gel polish, I knew I had to try it out myself. Since the product came out, we've already spotted it on Olivia Munn at the Oscars —she wore the new gel polish in a pale pink called Organdi. I knew that I wanted to try the same one as Munn when I went to the Chanel counter at the mall. Take my word for it, guys, and buy it while you can because this product is flying off the shelves. Lucky for us, however, according to Chanel Product Specialist Cindy Matthew, there's more to look forward to! "As early as April, we can expect to see five new desert-inspired shades on the shelves, ranging from peachy pinks all the way to emerald greens," she says.

I knew the polishes were beautiful, but when I went in to try them on, I was skeptical of the dry time. However, after Matthew applied a base coat, the gel polish, and the gel finish top coat, my nails were still dry in under seven minutes. Giggling at my amazement, Cindy said, "For the ladies who like to paint their nails before bed, say goodbye to waking up with sheet marks on your nails!"

If you're not already convinced, here are a few more reasons why you should try it:

The Colors Are Fabulous

This photo shows the four best selling colors: Mythique, Roubachka, Chain Or, and Organdi. From romantic red, to neutral, to funky, there's a color for everyone!

You Can Apply & Take Off The Polish At Home

Do you spend more time scrubbing your polish off than putting it on? Is that why you let your chipped manicure hang out for too long? You don't have to go back to the salon to take off this polish. Believe it or not, taking it off is just as easy — if not easier — than putting it on. When Matthew removed her polish after drying completely, one swipe of the remover-soaked cotton pad took it right off.

Each Shade Has A Story

Behind each name is a significance that each color had to the Chanel family. Oragandi (the polish I'm wearing above), for example, was named after the natural beige color of Gabrielle Chanel's blouses. One of the shades coming out in April, Ballerina, was named after the refinement of the ribbons Coco Chanel put on her models. And of course, there's more where that came from!

UV Light Can Be Damaging

One of the main causes of sunspots on the backs of our hands is the UV light used during our manicures. Saying goodbye to the lamp will help your hands stay youthful!

The Formula Is Scent-Free

Do you dread going to the nail salon because of that strong polish smell? When you apply Chanel's new formula, you won't notice any scent, even immediately after application. No need to rush to the sink after your mani!

It'll Actually Save You Money

Let's face it — manis are expensive, especially if you go once a week. While each piece of the Chanel set costs $27, one gel manicure costs an average of $35-40 and that's without the pedicure. Plus, you won't have to go back to the salon to have your manicurist remove the polish!

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Images: Alexa Dragoumis; Unsplash; Pixabay/Thomas Brenner