What To Wear On St. Patrick's Day

No shade towards leprechauns — they're dope, but I'm not trying to look like one, no matter the occasion. So, to celebrate the day of drinking (ahem, I mean, honoring Saint Patrick) accordingly, consider this your guide for how to dress up for St. Patrick's Day without looking like our little green friend. OK, so the little guy on the Lucky Charms box is cute, but he's fictional. And you (let's hope) are not.

Going to college in Boston, Saint Patrick's day was one of the biggest holidays of the year. I'm talking New Year's Eve status. People started drinking early (it really was 5 o'clock somewhere, though, I'll give them that) until evening, watched parades, wore green, and generally just had a lot of fun.

No disrespect, though. Remember: Saint Patrick's Day also commemorates how the Irish went from a pagan community to a Christian one in Ireland. So, it's not all fun and games. There's some serious history behind all of these celebrations. So while you're sippin' on your Guinness (or any type of alcohol, really), take a second to pay homage to this Irish holiday. I mean, even New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio will be marching in the parade.

Of course, if you do want to dress up like a leprechaun, or embrace the all-green-everything thing, go for it! It's your choice. But believe it or not, there's still away to look chic on this kitschy holiday. Call it the luck of the Irish.

1. The Sexy Slip

Reformation Cobb Dress, $98, The Reformation

It's the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.

2. Comfort

Babaton Howard Blouse, $130, Aritzia

Ultra chic and ultra comfy at the same time. Plus, the dark olive color is such a nice neutral.

3. Stripes

Plus Size New Look Inspire Stripe Shirt Dress, $30.48, ASOS

Don't lie — you want this tunic.

4. The Romper

Katrina Plunging Romper, $58, NastyGal

OK, so depending where you are, it might still be cold. Make sure to wear these with some tights! But the plunging neckline and neckerchief is everything.

5. The Midi

Plus Size Jersey Midi Skirt, $20.40, Missguided

Obsessed with this skirt.

6. The Tunic

Project Social T Anna Washed Tunic Tee, $34, Urban Outfitters

With some thigh high socks and booties? Love.

7. The Fun Print

Ganni San Pedro Skirt, $136, Need Supply

'Cause sometimes solids just don't cut it.

8. Subtleties

Floral Blouse, $39.90, Zara

If you want to go green, but don't want to go green, a subtle option like this one is perfect. And with these denim culottes and '70s style booties, it's a smash hit.

9. Tailored Trousers

Flowy Cupro Trousers, $99.99, Mango

For a more sartorial look.

10. The Lace Up

Plus Size Lace-Up Back Top, $19.90, Forever 21

Love this delicate detail in the back.

Who knew green could be so chic? As an (almost) New Yorker, black is my primary color palette. But given the right cut, material, shape, and color, green can actually be super elegant and cool. Put your party pants on — it's time to celebrate.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands