Ted Cruz Sells Trump University Shirts To Throw Massive Shade At Donald Trump Before The GOP Debate

The war of words between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump is expected to reach new heights during the first GOP debate after Super Tuesday. Already, shots have been fired by the Texas senator. Ted Cruz is selling Trump University shirts and they're on sale for the entirety of the event. Emblazoned with the words "I Applied To Trump University... And All I Got Was This Shirt," a fake college logo and the man himself, the T-shirts send a pretty strong message that Cruz is most definitely willing to attack any of the Donald's shortcomings.

It's rather odd that the shirt would say "I applied" rather than "I attended." It's not like Trump University was an accredited college or had any special admissions requirements. The faux academic institution was so suspect that the Donald is currently being sued for Trump University's alleged illegal business practices. Cruz gleefully tweeted his political dig in the form of a merchandise sale shortly before he took the stage at the Fox Theatre for the GOP debate Thursday. Supporters of the candidate, as well as anti-Trump supporters, may have to wait a while for their seriously graphic T-shirts. Cruz is expecting a high volume of orders and shirts don't start shipping until the middle of the month.

Trump University was neither accredited nor did it appear to offer any academic value whatsoever. The venture's name was eventually changed to Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, presumably as a way to distance itself from institutions that actually teach people valuable things. Those who took the bait of the Trump name equating to wealth and success were left with not much of anything but grounds for a lawsuit, it seems.

The Donald's shaky grasp on economics has come under fire heavily during the GOP debate. Fox News took the time to compile graphics positing mathematical proof that Trump's proposed budget cuts would not be enough to close the country's massive deficit. Though Cruz has had very few times to talk, he's certainly reaped the financial benefits of this heated debate.

Cruz has capitalized on Trump's embarrassing lawsuit that's come to the forefront in one of the most clever initiatives this election season has seen so far. Not only is Cruz receiving funding for his campaign but he's sending a strong message to voters about the ethics of the GOP front-runner.