This O.J. Simpson Update Is Huge

As the country remains gripped by American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, an unexpected twist has cropped up in the decades-old, real-life case: A knife was allegedly found at O.J. Simpson's estate years ago while his home was being demolished post-trial, according to TMZ and Fox 5, among other sources. The murder weapon in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and and Ronald Goldman was never found, and, of course, O.J. Simpson was ultimately acquitted of the crime (although he is currently serving more than 33 years behind bars for different crimes). So who found the knife at O.J. Simpson's estate, discovered so many years ago?

According to TMZ, which claims to have spoken to insider sources about the case, the discovery has sparked a "top-secret" LAPD investigation (well, formerly top-secret). It's worth noting that since Simpson was found not guilty of the crime, he can't be prosecuted again, at least according to TMZ sources — and at any rate, the retired NFL running back is already expected to be in prison for decades to come.

The person who found the knife, according to TMZ and Fox 5, was a construction worker who was demolishing the Simpson estate at the time. (That person has not been formally identified.) That construction worker reportedly handed over the weapon to an off-duty police officer nearby, and that police officer apparently never turned in the knife to the LAPD.

This is where the report, according to TMZ, gets even weirder. That law enforcement officer apparently kept the knife as a kind of trophy, until retiring recently — at which point the former officer mentioned that he still had the knife to a colleague, who demanded he turn it in. That's how the LAPD finally got hold of the knife, and according to TMZ's breaking report, the department is now testing it for any evidence still left on the knife.