'The Walking Dead' Coloring Books Are Coming, Carl

Lay down your weapons and pick up those colored pencils, folks, because there are two new adult coloring books that are simply dying to meet you. OK, that was a bad joke. Anyway, I'm pleased to announce that The Walking Dead coloring books are finally on their way to stores near you.

Walking Dead fans have not one, but two coloring books to look forward to this year. The first, The Walking Dead Coloring Book , features black-and-white images from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's ongoing comic book series. A second book — with the same title as the first — will be available later this year, and will feature lineart renditions of the AMC TV series' most iconic scenes.

If you already bought the Game of Thrones coloring book, you might want to order a few more red crayons. Both editions of The Walking Dead Coloring Book will have plenty of blood, brains, guts, and gore for your visceral coloring pleasure. With nearly 200 pages of walkers, survivors, and wolves, these two new coloring books will have you bathing in the blood of your undead enemies.

Kirkman and Adlard's The Walking Dead Coloring Book shuffles into a store near you on May 10. You can pick up AMC's version on September 20.

Both Walking Dead coloring books are available for pre-order today.

Image: AMC