Take A Tour Of Kylie's Lip Kit Factory

by Marc Cuenco

Unless you were one of those people who were lucky enough to order the sold-out Kylie Lip Kit, chances are, you're already counting down the days for the next restock. To make up for that seemingly long wait in between sales, Kylie Jenner gave a tour of the Kylie Lip Kit factory and shared the behind-the-scenes video of the new 22 Kylie Lip Kit launch on her website and app.

"We're two minutes away from our fifth launch of our Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits," Jenner says. "I get really anxious because I don't want people to get mad at me if it sells out really fast." Also joining the young beauty mogul at the factory are her mother Kris Jenner and boyfriend Tyga. According to one of the company's spokespersons in the video, there were twice as many people on for the most recent launch and restock. With literally seconds to go before the products go live, Jenner checks out various computers that are monitoring not only the number of site visitors, but also a world map of where they're ordering from.

The BTS video gets even more interesting after Jenner decides to take viewers on a tour of the factory. We get to see how the Kylie Lip Kit products are stored in clear plastic containers (how very KHLO-C-D of her) as well as the stacks of boxes that are ready to be shipped out. Here's a teaser of the video that she posted on Instagram:

After the inventory sold out in 16 minutes — there goes my theory about why she called the lip kit "22" — the video shows Jenner walking around, amazed by how her dream of building a beauty empire came true. "We are in the inventory right now," Jenner says, while showing the boxes of her lip products ready to be shipped out. "I couldn't go through this in a lifetime."

This isn't the first time that she has shown her fans around the factory. Earlier this year, Jenner even put on a hairnet and goggles to demonstrate how the tubes of her lip products are filled one-by-one.

Enjoy the BTS videos for now in anticipation of the next restock, which Jenner promises is happening very soon!

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