How To Copy Kendall Jenner's Balmain Makeup

by Alexa Dragoumis

Besides the totally show-stopping hair color swap with BFF Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner's makeup at the Balmain Paris Fashion Week show on Thursday was totally on point. If you're wondering how exactly she did it, I'm going to show you how. Get ready to learn how you can recreate her bold, yet natural look. It's perfect for spring — equal parts sexy and natural!

While runway makeup can often be very costume-like, Jenner managed to make a statement with bold brows and very soft nudes around her eyes. Usually, we see nude eyes paired with a bold lip, but Jenner chose to stick with a nude lipstick instead, which is exactly what makes this look so beautiful and so different. Moral of the story? If Jenner can pull off nude on nude, so can you.

Besides the makeup, another major key to recreating Jenner's Balmain look is leaving your hair somewhat natural. You'll notice that Jenner's look incorporates a few soft waves to really pull everything together. This slightly undone hairstyle left Jenner looking youthful and carefree on the runway, which is exactly how you want to look during the warmer months ahead, no?

Here's Kendall Jenner's Instagram post from the after party:

Absolutely stunning, right?


I die.

Here's what you'll need to get the same look:

A Pinky Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, $54, Sephora

To create Jenner's look, you'll need an eyeshadow palette with a mixture of pinks and brown, preferably with matte options. Naked 3 by Urban Decay has a great mixture of light pinks and browns that could be used to create a similar look.

A Natural Looking Mascara

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, $30, Sephora

When you look at Jenner's photo above, you'll notice her eyelashes are perfectly curled, but natural. For this look, you'll want to stick with a mascara that gives you natural length and holds the curl without over volumizing your lashes. Diorshow Iconic Mascara is the perfect choice for a look like this one, because it will give you that same effect while still being a long-wear, waterproof product.

A Smudgeable, Brown Eyeliner Pencil

Le Crayon Yeux in Brun, $30, Chanel

The number one reason why Jenner's look is so soft and natural is because she went with a brown eyeliner over a black one. While black is the natural choice for most fashion girls, the look it creates is much more intense than a brown pencil. If you look up close, you'll notice the line is concentrated near the lashes and softer on top. To create a similar look, you'll need a smudgeable pencil that will stay put after you finish applying, like this Chanel pencil.

A Nude Lipstick

MAC Lipstick in Brave, $17, MAC

When it comes to lipstick, MAC is my absolute favorite and it just so happens that this pinky-beige color, "Brave," matches Kendall's look pretty closely.

Slightly Bronzed Cheeks

Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna, $40, Sephora

The key to any natural makeup look is flawless, dewy skin. While a matte foundation is key, a great bronzer is equally as important. In Kendall's photo, her cheeks are also slightly bronzed just along the cheekbones. To get the same look, apply your bronzer lightly to that area instead of a blush.

Bedhead Waves

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray, $6, Ulta

If you have naturally straight or slightly wavy hair, simply air dry your hair. To create face framing bends, push your hair behind your ears as it's drying and spritz a sea salt spray through to give the hair texture and tame fly-aways. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, blow out your hair first and then create bends by curling random sections with a curling iron.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands