Why You Shouldn't Buy Rubio's Anti-Trump Merch

After foolishly assuming for the better part of a year that Donald Trump would eventually self-destruct, Marco Rubio is finally going on the attack. It's way too late for this to be effective, but nevertheless, Rubio is launching an all-out assault against the Donald, and that includes selling merch plastered with the #NeverTrump hashtag. If you're wondering how to buy Marco Rubio's anti-Donald Trump swag, look no further than his online store.

However, you probably shouldn't buy any of Rubio's anti-Trump swag. I say this not because I oppose Marco Rubio, or because I think you should oppose Marco Rubio, but rather because the merch itself doesn't accurately reflect Rubio's views. As previously noted, all of the Trump-focused gear at Rubio's store prominently displays the #NeverTrump hashtag. There are #NeverTrump signs, #NeverTrump hats, #NeverTrump shirts, #NeverTrump wristbands, and more.

At the risk of stating the obvious, all of this implies that Rubio will never support Trump. And yet, at Thursday's raucous Republican debate, Rubio stated that he will indeed support Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee for president. It was a somewhat shocking moment, because Rubio has spent about two weeks implying that Trump is literally unfit for office and poses a danger to the country.

During the last debate, Rubio accused Trump of "making promises he has no intention of keeping." Earlier, in an interview with Jake Tapper, Rubio said Republicans must "save the party of Lincoln and Reagan from a con artist," adding that "if we nominate Donald Trump as our nominee for the Republican Party, it will be the end of the modern Republican Party." Before that, Rubio said that Trump represents "the opposite of what America stands for."

And yet the junior senator from Florida will happily vote for a candidate who is the opposite of what America stands for, so long as that candidate has an "R" next to his name. Rubio confirmed at the debate that he will support Trump if he wins the nomination, a comment that both neutralized the impact of his attacks and, more importantly, obliterated his credibility as a candidate and a human being.

If Rubio had emblazoned his merchandise with #HopefullyNotTrump, or #PleaseNotTrump, or even #OnlyTrumpAsALastResort, that would be a different story. But nope, he chose #NeverTrump, and that's a proclamation he self-admittedly does not believe in. So, in the name of supporting honesty and integrity in our presidential candidates, you should #NeverBuy any of Rubio's #NeverTrump swag.