Damon Brokered A Deal With Rayna On 'TVD'

The Vampire Diaries certainly gave fans a lot to process this week. Not only did we get some much needed information about Rayna's unfortunate link to Stefan, but we also officially caught up to the TVD three year flash forwards, which means everything from here on out should take place from that point in time. (Apart from a few flashbacks every now and then.) And given that the flash forwards have been my favorite part of the season, this is definitely an exciting prospect for when the show returns on April 1. But until that time, we still have a lot to think about — like the fact that Rayna wants to kill Damon now on The Vampire Diaries , instead of Stefan and has a very specific plan for how she plans to go about doing it.

You see, apparently the mark that she leaves upon her victims can be transferred to someone else if she wants it to. How? I have no idea, but when has that ever really mattered? Either way, it seems as though she's grown rather fond of Stefan throughout these last three years and has decided that she no longer wants to kill him because he isn't the brother that deserves to die... Damon is. She would much rather use the sword on him. Now, of course, Stefan would never do such a thing to his brother willingly, but the problem is that it's not exactly up to him. In fact, this was all Damon's idea.

The whole reason Damon decided to desiccate himself until Elena woke up was because he was tired of people always risking their life for him, no matter how far down the Bad Boy rabbit hole he may fall. So he wanted to take himself out of the equation. But now that he's back out of the coffin, he evidently wants to be the one making the sacrifice to save his brother. It's a noble act, for sure, but does nothing to calm my fears of what's to come.

Up until this point, when anything death-related happened on the show, I wasn't too worried about it because I'd seen them all alive and well in the flash forwards. But if the flash forwards are now the present day, anything can happen. Damon really could die. Do I think the TVD writers would really do that? Probably not. But still, I don't like not having a guarantee. Let's just hope that Damon's plan is more intricate than we're being led to believe. And hey, if anyone can charm their way out of a sticky situation like this, it's Damon Salvatore.

Image: Carin Baer/The CW