Klaus & Hayley Are On The Run On 'The Originals,' Leaving Elijah, Kol & Freya To Deal With His Enemies

Klaus' paranoia reached new heights on The Originals , and for good reason. Now that Klaus' sire bond has been broken, it was only a matter of time before his enemies came looking for him. The first, Gaspard Cortez, arrived in New Orleans on "An Old Friend Calls" and he wasted no time in trying to find the last of the white oak — the only weapon that can kill Klaus. Cortez even goes so far as to kidnap Vincent and hold a restaurant full of innocent people hostage in an attempt to locate the white oak. Luckily Klaus arrives in time to save most of the innocents and kill Cortez, but not before Cortez sends a text message to all of Klaus' old enemies confirming his whereabouts and the existence of white oak. In an attempt to protect Hope, Klaus and Hayley are on the run on The Originals .

For better or for worse, Kol reunited with his family before Klaus was forced to skip town. Now back to his vampire form, Kol slept for three days before he was ready to face his family and start getting used to his new life — i.e. the bloodlust that made him a crazy killer. Of course, he was reunited with his brothers for less than ten minutes before they required his help in performing a locator spell to track down all of Klaus' major enemies. The spell revealed that they were scattered all over the world, except for one, Cortez. And, with a sire line no longer willing to protect him, Klaus has nothing to do but fight him on his own.

Klaus defeats Cortez easily, but he knows that Cortez is only the first in a long line of enemies ready and willing to hunt him down. With the last of the white oak either gone or hidden somewhere by Aurora, Klaus decides that it's not safe to stay in New Orleans — he must disappear. Freya and Kol perform a spell so that any witch who performs a locator spell on Klaus will think he is still in NOLA, leaving him to escape any supernatural trackers, at least for now. So, Klaus left the city he loves so much with Hayley and Hope by his side.

Disappearing may have been the only thing to do, but now Klaus has left Freya, Kol and Elijah to deal with all of the enemies that will come looking for him. Not only that, but the episode ended with Vincent finding the last white oak bullet hidden by Aurora, and it didn't look like he was rushing to tell the Mikaelsons what he'd found.

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; fuckyeahoriginals/tumblr