Klaus Lost A Lot Of Allies On 'The Originals'

Aya, Aurora and Davina put their plan to break the sire bond into motion on The Originals, which included trapping Elijah and Klaus in magical purgatory created for Tristan. In "A Streetcar Named Desire," Elijah and Klaus walked right into a trap set by Aya, and found themselves held captive in this spiritual prison with Aurora and Tristan (thanks Strix witches) while Davina brought their bodies to the pool and began her spell. While Freya, Stefan, Marcel and Hayley were able to help stop the spell and awaken Elijah before Davina was able to break his sire bond, they weren't quick enough to get to Klaus. Davina broke Klaus' sire bond on The Originals , and Klaus might have just lost his power.

Freya was able to break Klaus free from the witches' spell before Davina had completed her spell to break the sire bond. Unfortunately, Davina had already taken power form both Klaus and Elijah during the spell, and she easily overpowered Klaus, forcing him to stay in the pool and allow her to complete the spell. Though the break in the sire line has not been tested — meaning that Klaus has not been killed — Marcel and Stefan, both from Klaus' sire line, felt a warmth spread through them when the spell finished, a sign that the sire bond was breaking.

With Klaus' sire bond broken, now the original vampire is probably going to have to change his ways. The lives of his line are no longer tied to his, meaning they have no reason to fight for him in whatever inevitable conflicts that lay ahead. Marcel, Stefan, Lucien, and Caroline are just a fraction of the vampires that Klaus used to count as reluctant allies. The breaking of the sire bond could be the beginning of the end for Klaus. At the end of The Vampire Diaries, in a flash forward six years into the future, it was revealed that Klaus is missing from New Orleans. Not only that, but no one has heard of him for three years.

It's hard to think of a future where Klaus is dead, especially now that Elijah is in possession of Aurora's white oak bullets. Then again, a lot can happen in a few years, and without his sire line to protect him, Klaus is more vulnerable than ever.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; spencerhastinghs/tumblr