Is The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Headed To Chilton? It Sounds Like Rory Could Visit Her Alma Mater

Prepare for a major blast from the past in the Gilmore Girls revival: It looks like someone in the Gilmore Girls revival is paying a visit to Chilton! That's right: the revival will be taking Paris and Rory back to their high school days, according to Gilmore Girls News. Liza Weil (Paris) posted a picture on her Instagram showing her standing beside someone wearing a Chilton uniform, and Gilmore Girls News also reports guest actor Gastón Leguizamón is rumored to have shot scenes at Chilton as well. What could prompt a return to those hallowed halls where Paris and Rory first met?

If Paris makes the trip solo, she could be angling to secure her children a place in the prestigious school (yes, Paris is rumored to be a mom now) — or she could have been invited back to speak to the students. In the latter case, let's hope none of Brad's potential offspring are attending the school, or they could end up transferring rather than face Paris just like their father once did.

I cannot imagine Chilton making a return without Rory visiting her old school as well. After all, she was the Valedictorian, and it was Chilton that brought her grandparents into her life in a meaningful way. With Richard's death meant to have a profound impact on Rory, Lorelai, and Emily, it is only fitting for Rory to go back to where it all began.

What could drive Rory and Paris to make a return trip to Chilton though? I have a few ideas.

A Speaking Engagement


Rory and Paris have to be two of Chilton's most accomplished recent graduates. If Headmaster Charleston is still in charge, he would definitely want the women to return to give a speech to the new students. The experience would be surreal for Paris and Rory, but it could also reaffirm their bond as they would realize just how far they have come since they were competing over grades in high school.

A Dream Sequence


Gilmore Girls has produced some emotional dream sequences in the past (remember Luke and Lorelai's twins?), and if Rory finds herself at a crossroads, she might just dream her way back to Chilton. Notice in Weil's Instagram picture, she is standing next to someone wearing a Chilton uniform with a rather long skirt. That could be an homage to the first episode where Lorelai had to persuade Rory to let her hem her skirt.

A Class Reunion


It's way past time for Rory and Paris' 10-year class reunion, but maybe Chilton runs on a different schedule than other schools. If there is a reunion, Rory and Paris could reunite with their old classmates like Madeline and Louise, and maybe Rory could finally work up the courage to carve her name into the banister.

Securing Paris' Kids A Place At Chilton


If Paris and Doyle do have two little ones, Paris is going to insist on them having the best possible education. If that means making a trip to Chilton to badger Headmaster Charleston into offering them an early acceptance, then that's exactly what Paris would do.

A Fundraiser


A fundraiser would be an ingenious way for the show to maneuver not only Paris and Rory to visit Chilton, but Emily too. Many of Emily's social connections had children or grandchildren who attended Chilton, and seeing her face that crowd again after Richard's death with Rory by her side would be a painful, but rewarding, story beat.

Knowing Chilton will be part of the revival only adds to the nostalgia. Gilmore Girls is proving you really can go home again... as long as you prepare yourself for some tears.

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