Does 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Want Kids? He Seems Ready For A Brood Of His Own

Being on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette usually means that you’re ready to settle down. Ben Higgins, for instance, is on the show right now looking for his future wife — a woman to build a home with, a future with. With marriage typically comes a kid or two (or 11, if you’re into the soccer team model of things), but Ben is only 27 years old. That’s still pretty young. Given his age, is Ben Higgins ready to be a dad? Are kids in the near future for this Bachelor star?

Anyone who has been watching the show can tell that Ben is good with kids. On one of Ben’s first dates with Lauren B., the coupled headed to a community center in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, where Ben had worked before he went off to college. That date… was the cutest thing ever, especially when Ben took the time out to comfort a kid that was crying on the side of the gym. He has such an easy rapport with little kids, and Lauren noticed it too, I think. She was even more gaga over Ben after that date than she was normally. Some people are just not kid people, and Ben definitely is.

This was also apparent on Ben’s dates with Amanda Stanton, a single mom and esthetician from Southern California. Amanda has two little girls, Kinsley and Charlie, and she and Ben developed their relationship enough that Ben got to meet the little darlings. They had a perfectly lovely day at the beach — that is, until little Charlie had a little meltdown in the car. That’s what kids do, right? They cry. Ben, being the patient man that he is, took it all with aplomb. The Bachelor previews made it seem like Ben panicked at the sight of a screaming baby, but that makes so little sense. Ben has been around little kids before, so one crying fit wouldn’t scare him away. Even though Amanda and Ben didn’t make it through to the finish, his date with her daughters showed just how good of a dad he’ll be.

According to, reporters at a Bachelor press conference asked Ben if he was ready to settle down and start popping out them babies. Ben’s response? “I’m definitely ready to find that person," he said, and it wasn’t “a question in [his] mind." This doesn’t really come as a surprise to me, given the fact that he’s grown up hanging with little kids and he’s really close to his family. You see, Ben is an only child, and he and his parents are a tight unit (Ben’s said so many times on The Bachelor). He obviously wants his children to have what he had growing up. Whether or not he’ll grow up to have a baker’s dozen of sticky little tikes has yet to be seen (and he would probably be overwhelmed since he doesn’t have so much as one brother or sister), but Ben is totally ready for fatherhood. First stop, proposal on national TV. Second stop, Daddyville.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; Giphy (2)