Does Lauren B. Want Kids? This 'Bachelor' Finalist Could Be Ben's Wife

Well, ladies and gentleman — we’re down to just two women vying for the top spot on The Bachelor, and although Ben Higgins has told both Lauren and JoJo that he loves them (big mistake, buddy), there can only be one Highlander and one wife of Ben Higgins. Since I’m a betting gal and I love to speculate about The Bachelor, I am going to guess that Lauren and Ben end up together as man and wife. She is keen on the whole “get married to Ben” thing, but does Lauren B. want kids?

It’s already been well proven that Benny Boo Boo is ready for his own brood of sticky-fingered babies. According to, when reporters at a Bachelor press conference asked Ben if he was ready to settle down and have kids, Ben’s response was an emphatic yes. “I’m definitely ready to find that person," he said. He and Lauren had their first little taste of seeing what the other would be like with children when they were in Warsaw, Indiana — Ben’s hometown. The couple paid a visit to the community center that Ben volunteered at when he was younger, and both Ben and Lauren were so good with the children there that I was surprised they didn’t adopt a few of them to form a roaming family band.

While Ben has said out loud that he is ready to have kids, Lauren’s kept pretty mum on the subject. She and Ben have talked about how she’s close with her family, that she admires her parent’s long marriage, and the like, but she hasn’t outright said, “I’m ready for babies.” A look at Lauren’s social media, though, might hold some clues.

Lauren B. Can Hang With The Little Ones

I don’t know whom this adorable little tyke is that Lauren is holding in this photo on her Instagram, but I know she has a “Team Lauren B.” tee on and that she has some fantastic taste with those leopard leggings. Actually, I think that baby jacked that outfit from me. Anyway, Lauren looks totally natural holding a baby, don’t you think?

Lauren B. Has Been A Dog Mom

Yes, I know that dogs are not children, but many people first get a pet before they have children to make sure that they, you know, know how to care for something that’s not themselves. Lauren has plenty of pics of her pup (who sadly recently passed away) on her Instagram, showing that she is capable of caring for another little being.

Lauren B. Can Roll With It

Being a mom is hard — you really just have to roll with the punches. Sometimes you’ll get puked on. Sometimes, your baby will make you laugh so hard you can’t breathe. You’ll find yourself picking food up off the floor, putting your keys in the fridge, and choosing more outfits for the kid than you choose for yourself. It’s a ride, and since Lauren has been on The Bachelor, she knows what absurdity can be like. Obviously, being a mom is much more unpredictable than being on The Bachelor, but Lauren’s joining the show makes me think that she can handle whatever life throws at her.

Is Lauren ready for kids with Ben? She hasn’t said, but I’m willing to guess that she and Ben will make some beautiful babies.

Images: Levy Moroshan/ABC