Photos of Nancy and Ronald Reagan Together Show The Two Were True #RelationshipGoals

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan died on Sunday, and whether or not you agree with her and her husband's politics, you can't deny the couple's love for each other. Photos of Nancy and Ronald Reagan together were often illustrative of the immense love, support, and companionship that the two shared, until the former president died in 2004 at the age of 93. What began as a courtship between two actors in Hollywood in the '50s became a supportive relationship between caring parents and political kindred spirits. When the former president became ill will Alzheimer's, Nancy filled his shoes and kept his legacy alive.

Nancy and Ronald met in Hollywood in 1951. At the time, Nancy (whose birth name was Anne Frances Robbins but went by Nancy Davis) was an actress whose name had somehow ended up on a Hollywood blacklist of actors who may be communist sympathizers during the McCarthy era. She appealed to Reagan, who was president of the Screen Actors Guild at the time, for help in clearing up the matter, and the two fell in love. They were married a year later, and had their first child shortly thereafter.

Here, couple's engagement photo, in Jan., 1952, from the Reagan Public Library.

In 1957, the married couple appeared together in the movie Hellcats In The Navy , a World War II film in which they played love interests.

The companions went on to parent their two children together in California, while Ronald's professional focus pivoted away from Hollywood. Here the two are with their children.

And at their home in California's Pacific Palisades.

In 1967, Reagan became Governor of California, shifting his professional focus from film to politics. Here, a photo of the pair at his inauguration.

And at his presidential inauguration in 1981.

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And again in 1985.

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Nancy was a controversial figure who was criticized for her couture fashions and extravagant spending at a time when many Americans were struggling financially. Her husband unfailingly came to her defense under fire.

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There was much made of the way Nancy would gaze at her husband adoringly. She had said, during her days as an actress, that the role she truly wanted most was to be Ronald's wife.


But her most notable role may have come after Ronald fell ill. The former first lady ensured that his legacy lived on, by appearing in his place at galas, charity events, book signings, and ship christenings.

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Their romantic relationship is one for the ages.

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