A 'Pitch Perfect' Cast Reunion Happened For One Aca-Adorable Reason — PHOTO

Want to know something totally aca-mazing? The Pitch Perfect cast reunited over the weekend for star Rebel Wilson's birthday, and there's photographic evidence of the hangout for you to stalk. As photos from the get-together show, it appears that Cynthia Rose, Flo, Emily, Ashley, and Stacie (or at least the actors behind them) made sure they were there to give Barden Bella MVP, Fat Amy (or is it Fat Patricia?), some love on her special day.

Thankfully, Wilson, in addition to her Pitch Perfect 2 peeps Hailee Steinfeld, Ester Dean, and Chrissie Fit, had the wherewithal to commemorate the hallowed occasion on their Instagram accounts, thus providing fans with plenty of cast bonding goodness. The pictures are adorable, and it's abundantly clear that the group is truly friendly and not just putting on a show for the cameras. Even more gratifying than that, though, is that the photos are perfectly on brand with the Pitch Perfect spunk and exuberance, proving that these ladies are very much like their vivacious and beloved characters in real life — though perhaps not quite as quirky.

Really though, these pictures just make me that much more anxious for Pitch Perfect 3 to come out. For one, I need more songs to jam out to. Also, keeping the Bellas away from one another for an extended period of time just seems wrong now that fans have gotten to witness their continued closeness, doesn't it?

Because of said secondhand separation anxiety caused by the pictures, I decided to look into Pitch Perfect 3's scheduling, to answer some important questions: are the ladies currently filming the new movie? If not, will they be filming soon? Have they already filmed it?! Well, as Entertainment Tonight relayed in a November interview with Ellen Degeneres, Wilson revealed that they were starting filming for Pitch Perfect 3 in the new year. She didn't exactly specify when that would be, but considering that the movie will premiere in August of 2017, I imagine that if they haven't started filming already, they will be quite soon.

Hey, at least these Pitch Perfect cast pics will tide us over till the next time the group is together.