Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Have Broken Up, But It Might Not Be For Good — REPORT

With so much drama having surrounded their relationship, I'm not sure what to feel about this, but according to People, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have broken up, or are at least "on a break." A source told People that while the two stars are definitely apart, "It's very possible that he [Kardashia] and Chyna will get back together." So, this may be more of a Ross and Rachel, "We were on a break!" type situation than a full split. Hopefully, with a better outcome. Bustle has reached out to Kardashian's rep for comment, but hasn't yet heard back. Update: Sunday night, Rob Kardashian confirmed on Instagram than he and Blac Chyna are still together.

Earlier: According to People, the source revealed that things between Kardashian and Chyna were progressing at a much too rapid pace, so they decided to take some time apart. Said the source,

They had a fight and both need some space. They have had a great few weeks, but things got too serious too fast. They were spending a lot of time together and not giving each other enough space.

That sounds like a more than plausible reason to temporarily end things to me. The source also explained to the publication that Kardashian apparently moved out of Chyna's house, proving that this break, while perhaps not permanently, is definitely serious. While I'd like to take a trip down memory lane and get nostalgic over this quick yet impactful relationship via pictures, I can't — really. Kardashian has deleted all things Blac Chyna from his Instagram account, and, Chyna's Instagram is devoid of his likeness, too, despite once being full of photos and videos of Kardashian or the duo together. The only thing left that might be about their relationship? A meme insinuating that Chyna was single that has since been deleted, and this (probable) picture of Kardashian kissing her cheek, below:

In even more confusing news, Kardashian now has a singular picture up on his Instagram of a birthday cake that reads, "Cake cake cake cake cake March 17th," with three shamrock emojis. The cake and Mar. 17 part isn't confusing, as that is his birthday. What is confusing, though, is the double entendre of what those shamrocks might mean. Yes, shamrocks and Mar. 17, aka St. Patrick's Day go hand-in-hand, but the shamrock emoji was also an alleged symbol of his relationship with Chyna.

As Racked explains of shamrockgate, Chyna first showed signs of her relationship with Kardashian when she posted an Instagram of the pair using the shamrock emoji. Writes Racked,

[Chyna] posted a photo in which she's looking downwards and smiling while a tattooed arm embraces her. It's a close crop, but TMZ reported that the tattoos look suspiciously like those of Rob Kardashian. Her caption: 'The beginning,' followed by a shamrock emoji.

Despite that picture now being deleted, Racked goes on to explain that the shamrock was then used by Chyna multiple times, and that the emoji usage seemed to be connected to Kardashian because of his birthday. The site also pointed out that Kardashian used the emoji himself in an Instagram post that inferred Blac Chyna was pregnant with his baby. So, you see why I'm a bit perplexed by the star's latest Instagram post?

I've watched soap operas, both daytime and primetime, that were less temperamental and perplexing than this. For now, I'm just going to sit back and watch the drama between Kardashian and Chyna unfold.