Eli Discovers Why Peter Is Being Investigated On 'The Good Wife' Just As The Grand Jury Begins

The Grand Jury against Peter began on The Good Wife with Eli, Alicia and Peter still in the dark as to why the governor was being investigated in the first place. Luckily, with a bit of sneaky, and only slightly illegal, eavesdropping, Eli was able to overhear a bit of Ruth Eastman's testimony and that of FBI agent Hlavin. The good news: Eli discovered why Peter is being investigated on The Good Wife . The bad news: he doesn't understand it.

Knowing that the Grand Jury in Peter's case was about to begin, Eli, along with Peter's new lawyer, Mike Tascioni, and Alicia, went to the courthouse in an effort to show the jurors that she was standing by her husband's side. They weren't allowed in the courtroom, of course, but, with no other game plan, it was the best they could do. There, they saw Ruth Eastman and FBI Agent Hlavin arrive for their testimonies. Just like Alicia, Ruth was subpoenaed, but Eli is sure that she made a deal with the prosecutor. While Ruth was inside giving her testimony, Alicia stumbled upon a vent in the handicap bathroom through which she could hear the Grand Jury! Unable to eavesdrop herself (it's illegal and she's a lawyer), she brought Eli to the vent and left him to fend for himself.

From his hideout in the bathroom, Eli wasn't able to hear much. What he did hear was muffled and sometimes drowned out by other noises coming from other connected vents. However, what Eli did manage to hear was that the case has something to do with a Lloyd Garber, who was a major donor to Peter's campaign. More specifically, it has to do with an event that occurred between Garber and Peter in 2012. Moreover, when Mike Tascioni dangled the information in front of Hlavin, bluffing that he knew about 2012, Hlavin let slip that the investigation had something to do with a payoff. But, what was the payoff exactly? Did someone payoff Peter, or was Peter the one paying someone? And, who is Lloyd Garber?

While listening to Hlavin's testimony, Eli also overheard that the case had something to do with "V Lock," which Tascioni and Alicia later determined might be a case, as in "The People of Illinois vs. Lock." Jason investigated the case in question and found that Cary was the prosecutor on record. (Remember when Cary worked for the District Attorney's Office after Alicia got the job at Lockhart, Gardner?) When Alicia approached him about it, Cary didn't really remember the case, other than the fact that it ended in a mistrial. But he also remembered that Lock's defense was good, better than it should have been given Lock's financial standing, leading Cary to believe that Lock's father was someone important.

Is Peter being investigated for accepting a payoff from Garber to make sure that Lock's trial ended in a mistrial? Right now, it sure looks like it.

Images: David M. Russell/CBS; fromheretotheinfinity/tumblr