Jason Joins Peter's Defense On 'The Good Wife' As He & Alicia Grow Closer

What Jason and Alicia hoped to be a "lost weekend" alone turned into a family introduction and a work-filled week on The Good Wife . The new couple only just started sleeping together, and already, it was time for Jason to meet the parents in "Hearing." Jason and Alicia's lazy Sunday in bed was interrupted when Alicia's mother, Veronica, showed up unannounced, Alicia's brother in tow, and announced that she had been "Madoffed" and lost all of her money in a bad investment scheme. But he didn't just meet the family. Jason joined Peter's defense on The Good Wife as an investigator.

Jason and Alicia's secret office romance is definitely not so secret anymore, at least not to Alicia's family and friends. (Her mother literally walked in on Jason naked in her bed.) But, that might be for the best, as Alicia is going to be needing a lot of help from her investigator-turned-lover. First, in "Hearing," David Lee, who is Veronica's attorney, recruited Jason to help track down the conman who scammed Veronica. He did that and, in a move that won over Alicia and her mother alike, he got Veronica's money back. But the favors didn't stop there.

The Grand Jury hearing against Peter also started in "Hearing," and Eli wanted to be on the offensive, even though they still don't know what the case against Peter is. He brought Alicia to the courthouse so that the jurors would see her there supporting her husband, and, once there, he not-so-accidentally overheard a few snippets about the trial — most notably that it involved something about "V Lock" that happened in 2012. Without more information, Alicia decided to hire Jason to do some investigating for her husband.

For those of you confused: Alicia just hired her lover to help defend her husband from alleged criminal acts. Despite the soap opera level drama, Alicia and Jason ended the episode as it began, with the two of them in Alicia's bed. It looks like it's going to take more than Peter to break them apart.

Images: Paul Sarkis/CBS; thedreamerangel/tumblr