10 Let’s Talk About The '90s Jokes From The Democratic Debate That Commemorate The Decade

When candidates took the stage at the Democratic debate on Sunday, they were faced with difficult questions about important current events. The University of Michigan in Flint proved to be a fitting setting to discuss an ongoing water crisis in the city as well as issues of gun control and income inequality. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton also squared off about their voting records, spanning decades. One decade in particular stuck out for the two, with "let's talk about the '90s" becoming grounds for a nostalgia fest on social media. These 10 "let's talk about the '90s" jokes brought the debate to a more simpler time when Koosh balls were the only thing being thrown around and light-up sneakers were an unalienable right.

The reason the '90s came up at all was because both candidates had mentioned it for very different reasons. Clinton cited the 1990s as being pivotal years to combat issues of lead pipes, while Sanders mentioned the decade when recalling a NAFTA protest that he had participated in. The issue of talking about the '90s at all was raised when Sanders mentioned trade agreements from the decade that he took particular issue with. Citing the previous prosperity in Flint and Detroit and their subsequent downfalls, Sanders was not kind to previous conditions which enabled businesses to leave the region in favor of moving jobs and facilities abroad. Social media was having none of it, however, instead choosing to focus on what really set the '90s apart from other decades — TV shows and movies like Clarissa Explains It All and Clueless.

'90s nostalgia has been its own hot button issue, with the likes of Full House returning as Fuller House as well as rumors of movie adaptations for highly popular '90s TV shows Hey Arnold! and Legends Of The Hidden Temple. Unfortunately, the merits of such reboots weren't discussed. Likewise, the battle of pop smashes "I Want It That Way" and "Wannabe" were similarly ignored. How can any self-respecting '90s fan pick a Democratic candidate when they don't know which Spice Girl best represents them?

As candidates frequently touched upon issues like a rising income inequality that had accelerated during the '90s, more and more viewers were egging their favorite politicians on, begging them to talk about the real issues. To paraphrase Clinton, "If we're going to talk about the '90s" while still looking towards the future, that conversation might as well involved just how dreamy Mario Lopez was in Saved By The Bell and how he miraculously stayed incredibly attractive to this day. Give the people what they want, Clinton and Sanders. Let's talk about the '90s already.