Will Jordan Smith Perform On 'The Voice' Season 10? The Former Champ Has New Music To Share

NBC's The Voice is back for Season 10 with a whole new crop of talented singers vying for the crown and I, for one, am already on the lookout for a frontrunner to match Season 9 winner Jordan Smith. Smith led the pack all last season from the moment he impressed coaches with his stellar Blind Audition, and while the champion from Adam Levine's team has been busy since winning, I'm still wondering if Smith will perform on The Voice Season 10. There's no word from the show or NBC about any special guest appearances, but I think it's possible one could be on the horizon, since Smith released a new single "Stand In The Light" last month and his album Something Beautiful comes out on March 18.

With the singer's album release occurring soon, it wouldn't surprise me if the Kentucky native showed up to promote his highly-anticipated album and sing his new single, which he said in an NBC Voice interview is a "song of his heart." Said Smith in the video, "It is a very special song to me... the lyrics are so deeply moving. I feel like they embody everything I want to say to my fans." And what better place to address his fans then on The Voice? Lots of past winners have come back to the NBC series to belt out their new singles and say hi to the coaches. Season 8 winner Sawyer Fredericks sang his new single "Take It All" during the playoffs last season, and Season 7 champ Craig Wayne Boyd performed his single "I'm Still Here" during the The Voice playoffs last May.

So, if history is any indication, Smith may visit The Voice once the competition is past the current Blind Auditions and reaches the playoff stage. In the meantime, he's keeping busy. In the catch-up video for The Voice, the singer said that he's been "singing his face off" since winning the vocal competition show last December and working on the album. "It's been a huge learning process for me and none of it could have prepared me for the explosion of what's been happening over the past few weeks since I won the show," he said.

According to Billboard, Smith worked with hitmaking producers David Foster and Stephan Moccio on the LP, which also counts the behind-the-scenes work of The Voice exec producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, who have said they're impressed with the album. "When you hear Jordan Smith’s beautiful debut album Something Beautiful you will be transported," they said in a joint statement to Billboard. "These amazing song choices combined with his beautiful voice will take you on a heartfelt and hope filled emotional journey. It is our hope that you allow this special album from this extraordinary young man to wash over you and renew your spirit."

According to the track list, Something Beautiful contains three songs with the word "beautiful" in the title, but don't worry, Smith told The Voice that he believes they all are special. "I titled the album Something Beautiful because I found something beautiful about each song at some point in my life," he said in the video interview. Hopefully, fans will get to hear some of it live on an upcoming episode of the show.