'The Bachelor' Got Kind Of Awkward This Season

by Nicole Pomarico

Now that we've seen everything from the always epic limo arrivals to the fantasy suite dates, I can safely say that I've thoroughly enjoyed Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor . There's nothing not to like about this guy, except maybe that he mistakenly thinks he's "unloveable"... and that he's been the catalyst for quite a few moments I could have lived without over the last few weeks. As sweet as he is — and as entertaining as the show has been — there have been a lot of awkward moments on The Bachelor this season. Of course, a lot of those moments are at the hands of the show's producers, but some of them are straight up Ben's fault. And either way, there have been plenty of times that watching these episodes has become a little cringeworthy.

If you watch The Bachelor, you already know that there are some types of awkward that are going to be unavoidable. Rose ceremonies, group dates, and especially the dreaded two-on-one are never going to seem normal, especially to the people who are experiencing them, and fantasy suite week is its own special brand of weird. But in between, there have been a lot of other moments that I wished I wasn't watching while they were happening, even if they did make this season that much more fun to talk about.

1. When Lace Tried To Kiss Ben & Got Shut Down

When she surprised him with an unexpected kiss during limo arrivals, it was kind of cute. When she tried to do a kiss redo during the cocktail party and Ben said he's not interested in smooching until he had the chance to get to know everyone first, but she persisted anyway? Not cute.

2. That Awful Smell Science Date

Seriously, whose idea was a date where Ben would smell the women to see if they're compatible? I don't care if it's science. It's weird.

3. And When He Told Sam She Smelled "Sour"

Yeah, that's another reason the smell date was a horrible idea.

4. Olivia's Dance With The Cake

I may not have always been Team Olivia, but I'll admit that seeing her jump out of a cake during that Vegas talent show date was pretty endearing. However, she did the weirdest dance and it kind of freaked Ben out, which led to a really, really awkward moment when the dance was done.

5. And When She Talked About Her Secret Language

Unless I'm watching a different show, a secret language between Ben and Olivia consisting of stolen glances and loaded knee squeezes doesn't actually exist, but Olivia swore it did.

6. And Her Cankles

Complaining about being bullied over cankles is fine — we all get self conscious about things like that, especially if others are pointing them out to us. But complaining about your cankles after Ben just lost someone close to him? Probably not the best time.

7. When Ben Had To Choose Between The Twins

Having twins on this show was awkward enough, but it was never more cringeworthy than when Ben went to Haley and Emily's house and had to choose one over the other. Ugh.

8. When Leah Acted Like She Didn't Just Sell Lauren B. Out

Minutes after Leah told Ben that she thinks Lauren B. isn't who she says she is, she sat down with the rest of the women and tried to deny that she was talking about her behind her back. Of course, everyone knew she was lying, and it became one of those rare moments in reality television where you know watching it back is going to be worse for Leah than the moment it actually happened.

9. Ben & Amanda's Entire McDonalds Date

Who goes on a date to McDonalds? Especially on The Bachelor? I know this was clearly product placement, but still.

10. Emily's Conversation With Ben's Parents

In the interest of full disclosure, I adore Emily. I think she's sweet, if not maybe too young for a show like this. But seeing her tell Ben's dad she's an average person who hates vegetables, it was almost painful to see how visibly unimpressed Ben's mom was with her later.

11. Everything That Happened At JoJo's Family Dinner

Well, everything except JoJo's mom drinking champagne straight out of the bottle after a night like that, because same.

12. That Weird Swamp Boat Ride With Caila

It was a gorgeous, scenic boat ride. And yes, Caila, it did look like Jurassic Park. But the silence between them made the whole situation super weird, especially since she was so obviously going to be the one sent home after the fantasy suite dates.

13. Ben Telling Two Women He Loves Them

Poor Ben. I don't doubt that he has genuine feelings for both of these women, but this is just about as awkward as it gets.

14. And His Conversation With Caila After He Sent Her Home

Props to her for jumping back out of that car and demanding answers, though.

15. The Rose Ceremony Between Lauren & JoJo

"Let's all toast to how awkward this is! He's going to propose to one of us!"

No matter who the Bachelorette is, I cannot imagine her season being more awkward than this one. Oh, Ben. I'll miss you!

Image: Matt Dunn/ABC, Rick Rowell/ABC, Giphy (3), bachelorabc/Tumblr (3), tvsaiditnotme/Tumblr