The Big Reveal Is Finally Here

It's about time. After weeks and weeks of hoping, waiting, wishing, and biting our nails in anticipation of the introduction of Captain Holt's mysterious husband on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the day is actually here! In tonight's episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine , we will meet Captain Holt's husband, Kevin, who has oft-been referred to but never seen on screen. Finally!

As previously reported, the character — named Kevin Cozner — will be portrayed by Parks & Recreation star Marc Evan Jackson, and he'll be introduced when he invites the entire 99th precinct to a birthday party he's throwing for Captain Holt at their home. Apparently, the precinct is in for a huge surprise when they actually meet Kevin Cozner, because all this time they've literally thought that Captain Holt was married to actor Kevin Costner. I mean, close enough, right? No one can really blame them for that mistake.

In a recent interview with TheBacklot, Andre Braughner — who portrays Captain Holt — elaborated on Holt and Kevin's relationship: "He is a Classics Professor at Columbia, I’m a Police Captain and my Mother is a federal judge, so it’s one of those New York intellectual families."

To see the big reveal, tune in to Brooklyn Nine-Nine tonight at its new time, on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. EST on Fox.

Image: Fox